• The Integrative English Major: Cultivating Growth, Transformation, and Possibility

    Leeann Hunter (see profile)
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    Our student populations are more complex and diverse than ever before, and if English departments seek to serve these students, they will need to commit to transformative learning experiences that meet students where they are and invest in their possibilities for growth. Many of our students have, like me, quietly suffered oppressive forces that reach out to silence them and to tell them they are not valuable. When English teachers operate under deficit models, focusing on how students fail to conform to writing conventions rather than focusing on how they create meaning through writing, we are telling students that they, and their stories, do not belong in an English department. In this era of decreased state funding, in which institutions of higher education count students in terms of dollar signs, it is more important than ever that our faculty and our disciplines learn to adapt proactively and ethically on the side of our students. If our discipline can open itself up to an integrative and multimodal approach to writing that considers students as complex human beings moving through time and space, we will make a more ambitious investment in our students' lives and their futures.
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