• Enacted Metadata: Combining Content and Metadata

    Susannah Cleveland (see profile) , Libby Hertenstein
    Library & Information Science, Music Librarians
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    Given the unique cultural artifacts and ephemera contained in music libraries, music librarians spend much of our time concerned with the description of materials that fall outside the mainstream expectations of descriptive cataloging. Such diverse objects include dance manuals, record carriers, magazines, posters, and other promotional materials. Traditionally, materials are cataloged at the collection level by creating finding aids, leaving the individual items “hidden” within collections. This incomplete approach confounds users, who find textual description of non-textual objects ineffective for discovery. In response to these challenges, our library received an IMLS-grant to create short videos (2-3 minutes each) to serve as “enacted metadata.” Videos include mediated description of the objects including commentary, images of the items, and reenactments of objects’ usage to help users observe materials in time and space and further explore the research potential of studying such objects. To facilitate adoption of this approach by others, we will describe the theory behind the enacted metadata concept, explain the execution of the project locally, highlight examples of completed videos, describe the assessment process, outline the benefits of the project, and include specific tips for creating enacted metadata records in other contexts.
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