• An Explosion in the Archives, Reframing French Archives through Caribbean Digital Praxis

    Nathan H. Dize (see profile)
    #TransformDH, CLCS Caribbean, LLC Francophone, Race and Aesthetics in French and Francophone Culture
    Digital humanities, Digital humanities research and methodology, Caribbean studies, Haiti, Digital archiving, Caribbean
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    Conference paper
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    Modern Language Association 2018
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    New York
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    January 4-6
    digital archive, Haitian Creole
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    The digital archive of Saint-Domingue poses major questions relating to power and the production of history, especially since North American institutions possess and have digitized massive collections of French language materials. Once digitized, how will the material be curated, read, and interpreted by the archive's various users (teachers, researchers, students, and history enthusiasts)? In a recent initiative to translate the digital project A Colony in Crisis: The Saint-Domingue Grain Shortage of 1789 into Kreyòl, one of the student translators remarked that reading the digital archive of Saint-Domingue as Haitian history rather than Colonial French history had completely changed how she interpreted the events leading up to and following the start of the Haitian Revolution. While an archive can, and must feature numerous orientations, the digital humanities offers Caribbean studies a manner of recovering the written traces of its past in the virtual archive. This presentation seeks to identify how the curation of digital archives disrupts the colonial framing of the eighteenth-century Francophone Caribbean within the academy and in the digital sphere.
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