• HuMetricsHSS: Exploring the Potential for Altmetrics as Value-Based Indicators

    Rebecca Kennison (see profile) , Stacy Konkiel (see profile)
    HEP Teaching as a Profession, TC Digital Humanities, TM Libraries and Research
    Educational evaluation
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    Conference paper
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    4:AM Conference
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    Altmetrics / Digital Science
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    Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    27-28 September 2017
    research evaluation, syllabus, Altmetrics
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    This presentation introduces the HuMetricsHSS (Humane Metrics in the Humanities and Social Sciences [HSS]) initiative (http://humetricshss.org/), which aims to develop and support values-based research indicators in HSS disciplines. Because researchers’ practices are closely linked with the evaluation metrics by which they are judged, HuMetricsHSS proposes using evaluation metrics (including altmetrics) only to measure a scholar’s progress toward embodying five positive values that our initial research suggests are central to all HSS disciplines: equity, openness, collegiality, quality, and community. The HuMetricsHSS project’s ultimate goal is to find ways to expose, highlight, and recognize the important HSS scholarship that goes into all research activities, including the all-too-hidden work of peer review, teaching, service, and mentoring. We believe that altmetrics and HuMetricsHSS are a natural fit. Since their conception, altmetrics have been proposed as a way to reward unrecognized research contributions. This aligns perfectly with HuMetricsHSS’s end goal. In our presentation, we explore the syllabus as an example of a scholarly object in its own right and look at how "humane metrics" might be developed using that object that would in turn encourage scholars to embrace more fully the academic values of equity, openness, collegiality, quality, and community that can be expressed within their syllabi. Once completed, the HuMetricsHSS framework will support scholars who wish to tell a more textured and compelling story about the impact of their research and the variety of ways it enriches the academic and public life.
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