• Primeres perspectives sobre l'evolució de la música a la indústria menorquina

    Amadeu Corbera Jaume (see profile) , Eulàlia Febrer Coll
    Catalans--Social life and customs, Musical analysis, Culture, Ethnomusicology, Industrial sociology
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    Conference paper
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    Jornades de Patrimoni Industrial de Menorca
    Conf. Org.:
    Institut Menorquí d\'Estudis
    Conf. Loc.:
    Maó, Menorca
    Conf. Date:
    Novembre 2015
    ethnomusicology, singing, factories, Catalan culture, Cultural musicology
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    The changes introduced by the new models of production, established from the middle of the 20thcentury in many European factories, showed a shift in the musical behaviour and idiosyncrasy of those used to work in a pre-capitalistic environment. Many workers in the shoemaking sector experienced this dramatic change in first person. Although they used to be known for their singing nature and their active participation in the musical life of their villages, the mechanisation and increasing demand of production forced many of them to leave their artisanal work, and consequently their musical practices in the working environment. This paper will explore the changes occurred in the musical practices of the shoemakers from Menorca (Balearic Islands) from the beginning of the 20th century until nowadays, in relation to their working places. The transformation they experienced was mainly unchained by the introduction of industrial capitalistic models, but it also appeared reflected on the introduction of new musical and technological tools. After more than thirty interviews and extended fieldwork, this presentation will show some of our first findings and conclusions in the search for the main triggers in the transformation of the musical practices among the islander shoemakers. Presentat a les Jornades del Patrimoni Industrial de Menorca. Maó: 6/11/2015.
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