• Performance and Orality as Cultural and Pragmatic Strategies in the Musical Performance of 9ice

    Adewale Bankole Ajayi (see profile)
    GS Drama and Performance, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Culture and Society, MS Opera and Musical Performance, TC Popular Culture, TC Postcolonial Studies
    African studies, Cultural studies, Ethnomusicology, Music performance, Performance studies
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    ethnomusicology, performance, orality
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    Coloniality is a complex heritage encapsulating complex cultural challenges confronting the performance artist. Nigerian musical production appears to have been operating in a world without borders since the advent of colonialism. There have been non-indigenous forms brought into the cultural landscape which have challenged the performers. The performers have had to respond in a variety of ways but one dominant form of artistic response has been the adaptation and utilization of non-indigenous musical styles to create hybrid musical products and performances stabilized with indigenous elements. The efforts of Akande Abolore aka 9ice in this regard has become significant in that he has brought into what he calls afro hip-hop the copious use of oral resources. He builds his musical style on orality, combining oral elements with oral sensibilities from his indigenous Yoruba language to forge a new form in which there is an interaction of codes, forms and levels of creative expression. He is thereby concretising a norm in Nigerian musical performance in which indigenous elements dominate western ones and in which Nigerian music speaks to the world in her own terms. Keywords: post-coloniality, orality, musical performance, oral forms, call and response
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