• Three views of the ‘musical work’. A study of conceptualisations in philosophical, bibliographical and editorial contexts within the domain of Music.

    Monika Pietras (see profile)
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    The author examines a choice of the conceptualisations of the ‘musical work’ within the domain of music in the context of bibliographical control and information retrieval. The study uses the principles of domain analysis proposed by Hjorland (Hjorland 2002) as a framework. The scope is wide and does not claim to be comprehensive. The philosophical and performance related conceptualisations of the musical work are examined with the method of discourse analysis of major writings on the topic. Each analysis is followed by an assessment of its relevance in the context of information organisation and user’s tasks. The phenomenological approach to the mode of being of musical work is examined with its particular applicability to modelling of the bibliographical entities in the domain of music. This is followed by further exploration of the bibliographical control of music and recent developments in FRBR/FRAD framework. The activity of editing music is presented in the context of its relevance to the practice of cataloguing music resources. In the conclusion the author points to the similarities of the activities of editors and information professionals in the context of critically informed choices they need to make when preparing either the text for the purpose of study or performance, or the catalogue record for the purpose of information retrieval. The shift in information organisation towards linked resources and the entities formulated as points of reference (including the main subject of this study – the ‘work’) beyond the library systems into the related resources on the world wide web is highlighted and the possibilities for further research in the context of the ‘work’ are suggested.
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