• Is the Information of Reality the Reality of Information? ; A discussion pertaining to informational constructs of reality

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    A multidisciplinary approach is employed to study informational processes that may occur on subliminal physical (quantum) and subliminal cognitive (unconscious) levels, with a focus on assessing how these processes may be influenced by and in turn exert influence on human concepts and perceptions of information and reality. The unconscious is studied through the concepts developed by Carl Jung. In the study of quantum phenomena, the Copenhagen Interpretation is employed. In the study of depth psychology, archetypes are found to be possible cognitive structures that deal with organising information within the mind. It is suggested that archetypes may have the ability to indirectly but definitively influence aspects of behaviour in and perceptions of reality. It is also suggested that this influence may extend to our innate science forming abilities, thus compromising the notion of scientific objectivity. It is shown that a shift in world views within the physics community may be occurring that places emphasis on information as the fundamental foundation of physical reality. A correlation between Jungian concepts and fundamental concepts in Quantum Physics is highlighted. This correlation is shown to be informational in nature, suggesting that through a study grounded in Information Science, concepts in disparate subjects may be linked. The preliminary research conducted in this investigation shows that while human intervention on both a physical and psychic level may be disruptive to the extent of rendering certain aspects of reality unknowable, the concepts of the Collective Unconscious and Quantum Physics can nonetheless be united to form a deeper understanding regarding the informational structure of universal reality. As a result, it is suggested that this could help towards the formulation of a unified and universal theory of information.
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