• Allergens found in mascara and extensiveness in which they can affect individuals with a potential towards developing allergies

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    A significant number of eye cosmetic products represent a frequent cause of eyelid Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). These cosmetics routinely contain in their list of ingredients irritant factors such as tints, fragrances, preservatives or vehicle-agents. We present an in-detail overview of how these materials affect patients who display an allergic reaction after usage of cosmetic products that contain the substances mentioned above. Some of the cases discussed in this paper reference that of a 44-year-old woman with a 10-month history of periorbital and eyelid dermatitis (caused by black iron oxide), a study conducted on 4454 patients, by the North American Contact Dermatitis Group to evaluate the prevalence of allergic reactions triggered by paraben-containing mascaras, and 11 reports of eyelid ACD caused by shellac in mascaras or eyeliners. Background: Allergic reactions triggered by the use of mascaras and other cosmetic products are common. Objectives: We sought to identify common allergens found in mascaras and to explore the extent each of these components affects patients that suffer from or are prone to developing eyelid ACD. Methods: We have performed a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis. Results: While parabens are one of the most widely avoided by consumers of cosmetic products, being considered a major allergy-inducing factor, fragrances appear to have a much more considerable adverse effect on individuals (~1% of the general public in U.S.). Given the fact that ‚Fragrance’ is a term that can encompass a variety of components that are not listed on the label appropriately, the construction itself is not considered to be properly regulated by the FDA. Originally posted on: http://makeupviews.com/allergens-in-mascara/
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