• Designing a New Climate Control System for a National Historic Landmark

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    This planning project takes a holistic approach to designing a sensitive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective HVAC system that will serve the National Historic Landmark house and its collections, and the historic 1914 Garage. Over the last fifteen years, a steady increase in costly failures of the aging mechanical systems have threatened, and continue to threaten, the extensive collection and archive held within this historic structure. Nearly two decades of strategic assessment and planning have led to this point. A great deal is known about our buildings, existing conditions, and future collections care needs; now a team of expert consultants must work with staff to identify and design a system that will respond to the needs and restrictions of the site, collections, limited staff, and budget while following good preservation practice and thinking creatively about sustainability and efficiency.
    A planning project to improve preservation of a collection of 15,000 objects, 5,000 books, and 350 linear feet of archives at the Tudor Place Historic House and historic 1914 Garage, a Washington, D.C. site once owned by the granddaughter of Martha Washington and her husband, a prominent Georgetown merchant. The house’s collection spans 1650-1983 and includes American and European fine and decorative arts, musical instruments, garden implements, weaponry, a 1919 automobile, and one of the largest public repositories of objects owned by Martha and George Washington. The project would design an energy- and cost-efficient climate control system to protect the collections.
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