• Le mura bassomedievali di Rimini: problemi interpretativi e osservazioni preliminari / L'anfiteatro romano di Rimini nelle memorie degli eruditi

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    The late medieval wall of Rimini is an important monumental presence in the present-day fabric of the city, bounding its historic center. However, even though a good knowledge exists through written sources about it, the subject has not been checked enough from the archaeological point of view. This article intends to take stock of the situation about the current state of the knowledge and to identify some guidelines for eventual, desirable future studies. The wall, dated in its first construction at the middle of the thirteenth century, seems today to have been realized a century later, even though there is evidence of repairs and adjustments till 1700 and even later. /// The roman amphitheatre of Rimini, built in the mid second century A.D., was reused at the middle of the following one in the construction of the city wall. The area in which today still stand its monumental remains became in brief peripheral and deteriorated, used as cultivable soil and site for the installation of a lazaretto at the end of the fifteenth century. The inner structures of the building were covered by the ground and its memory was handed on only by the memoirs of the scholars. Starting from these, the article intends to focus the attention on the forms of the realization of the wall in the area of the amphitheatre, from the third century to the medieval and post-medieval renovations.
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