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The Commons Open Repository Exchange (CORE) is a library-quality repository for sharing, discovering, retrieving, and archiving digital work. CORE provides Commons members with a permanent, open-access storage facility for their scholarly output, facilitating maximum discoverability and encouraging peer feedback.

The CORE Deposit Spotlight project came about in April of 2023 as a way of setting aside space to celebrate and amplify the exciting work that our community members are sharing on the Commons. Each month, we choose one (or a few) monthly themes and mine the repository for articles, reviews, chapters, conference papers, teaching materials, and more to share on our social feeds and boost on the Commons. Bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what’s new!

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Current Feature

September 2023: Classical Music Month & Piano Month

Deposit TitleAuthor
Women’s Compiled Scores in Early Film MusicKendra Preston Leonard
A Coherent Model of Musical ConsonanceJoel Edelman
The Anime Sound: An Analytical and Semiotic Study of Contemporary Anime MusicTân Nazaré
Formal Functions and Rotations in Top-40 EDMBrad Osborn
Contemplation, Heroism, and Gender in Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17, Third Movement (1846)Tekla Babyak
Non-white and/or non-Protestant Lyricists of the Women’s Suffrage MovementJeannie Ma. Guerrero
“Over the Ruined Factory There’s a Funny Noise”: Throbbing Gristle and the Mediatized Roots of Noise in/as MusicMelle Jan Kromhout
The Intermediate Sphere in North Indian Music Culture: Between and Beyond ‘Folk’ and ‘Classical’Peter Manuel

Archive of Past Featured Deposits

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August 2023: Black August; #Arrgust; National Poets Day
July 2023: Clean Beaches week; Shark Week; Disability Pride Month
June 2023: Pride Month
May 2023: AAPI Heritage Month
April 2023: Earth Month

August 2023: Black August; #Arrgust (International Pirate’s Month); National Poets Day (August 21)

Deposit TitleAuthor
Surveillance Graphs: Vulgarity and Cloud Orthodoxy in Linked Data InfrastructuresJonny Saunders
Introduction to Four Poems from Langston Hughes’s Spanish Civil War VerseAnne Donlon & Evelyn Scaramella
Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of PiracyMartin Paul Eve
Art for People’s Sake: Artists and Community in Black Chicago, 1965-1975Stacy R. Williams
‘We’ the people–Collective lyric self in twenty-first-century poetryCarlos A. Pittella
“A Language of Wet Stones and Mists”: The Caribbean Poet as a Traveller in Wales and EnglandMarija Bergam Pellicani
Confronting Authorship, Constructing Practices (How Copyright is Destroying Collective Practice)Eva Weinmayr
The Pedagogical Legacy of bell hooksDanica Savonick
Pirate CareValeria Graziano, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak
Legacies of Lynching: The Odyssey of Oscar MackJulian Chambliss
When Care Needs Piracy: The Case for Disobedience in Struggles Against Imperial Property RegimesValeria Graziano, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak
Black Panther Radical Factionalization and the Development of Black AnarchismDana Williams

July 2023: Clean Beaches week July 1-7; Shark Week July 11-18; Disability Pride Month all month

Deposit TitleAuthor
Out of Sorts: A Queer Crip in the ArchiveRyan Lee Cartwright
Bodyminds Like Ours: An Autoethnographic Analysis of Graduate School, Disability, and the Politics of DisclosureAngela Carter, Tina Catania, Sam Schmitt, Amanda Swenson
Mapping Access: Digital Humanities, Disability Justice, and Sociospatial PracticeAimi Hamraie
‘A Serious Man Versus Nature Moment’: Aquatic Monsters, Deep Time, and Climate ChangeMichael Fuchs
Sea, My Bones – The LithographsJune Julian
The Sound of the Sea LithographsJune Julian
Studies in the Humanities (disability studies and ecology intersections)Todd Comer and Christine Junker
Exploring joy as an active actor in reframing experiences of dis/abilityAnita Goldschmied
Static PlaceLeora Fridman
A Story Like MineNaomi Lawson Jacobs
Creating Accessible University Libraries for Students with Visual Impairments: An Investigation of the Resources and Strategies used by Librarians.Sophia Griffiths
Disability, Deficiency, and Excess: A Cinematic Construction of Disability in Popular Odia CinemaJyotirmaya Patnaik

June 2023: Pride Month

Deposit TitleAuthor
From Miami to Hong Kong: Sounding Transnational Queerness and Translation in MoonlightKaleb E. Goldschmitt
Ratchet Feminism on TikTok: Visual Culture Resistance to OppressionM. Bryn Brody
Improbable Modes of BeingEileen Joy
Drawing Queer Intersections Through Video Game ArchivesXavier Ho & Cody Mejeur 
Queer Browsing and the Library of Congress Subject Headings: Can user-generated tags enhance subject access to LGBTQ+ material?Elle Moyse
Love in the Time of HIV: Narratives of Filipino HIV Serodiscordant Gay Couples in Metro Manila, PhilippinesJeffry Acaba
New Era of Queer Politics? PrEP, Foucauldian Sexual Liberation, and the Overcoming of HomonormativityKarsten Schubert
The Horror of Sex: Gothic Asexuality and Medical Body Horror in The Death of Jane Lawrence by Caitlin StarlingVicky Brewster
Do Queer Theory and Victorian Studies Still Have Anything to Learn from Each Other?Dustin Friedman

May 2023: AAPI Heritage Month

Deposit TitleAuthor
“Anti-Asian Racist Misogyny in Science Fiction Films.” The American Mosaic: The Asian American ExperienceAlexa Alice Joubin
Imagining an Asian American Superhero of North Korean Origin: A Design FictionSeo-Young Chu
Asian American Feminism’s Alliances with Men: Reading Hisaye Yamamoto’s ‘Seventeen Syllables’ as an Antidraft TractCynthia Wu
“In the Face of Xenophobia: Lessons to Address Bullying of South Asian American Youth”Monisha Bajaj, Karishma Desai, Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher
Allegories of Time and Space: Japanese Identity in Photography and ArchitectureLindsey Reno

April 2023: Earth Month

Deposit TitleAuthor
Nature, Literature, Culture: An Introduction to the Environmental Humanities (Winter 2022) and Contract Grading FAQMarika Avenel Brown
Industry, Postcolony, and the Immersive Arts of Environmental StorytellingHanna Musiol
Topics in Environmental Humanities:
Whose Apocalypse? (2022-2023 syllabus)
Michelle Bastian
‘A truly sublime appearance’: using GIS to find the traces of pre-colonial landscapes and land useImogen Wegman
The Rise of Proto-Environmentalism in George EliotSophie Christman
Review: Climate Change and the New Polar AestheticsBarbara Ann Opar
Irreverent Theology: On the Queer Ecology of CreationJacob Erickson