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Broadly defined, my scholarly interests cluster thematically around gender, religion, and empire. Geographically my interests are in southern Africa, western Europe, and are  transnational/Global. Temporally, I can be found mostly in the 19th and 20th Centuries. My dissertation and first monograph research focused on the history of several generations of African families associated with the Brethren in Christ Church of Zimbabwe. Of late, I have developed a strong complementary interest in the Great War in Global perspective and also with respect to the experiences of Africans and the African Diaspora. I educate students who aspire to become secondary-school history teachers, and teach them both their graduate-level Global History courses as well as history-teaching methods.

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Peer reviewed

“The King of Dirt: Public Health and Sanitation in Late Medieval Ghent,” Urban History (published online 18 April 2018).

“Policing Female Food Vendors in the Late Medie…

Janna Coomans is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Medieval History. She defended her dissertation (cum laude), titled “In Pursuit of a Healthy City: Sanitation and the Common Good in the Late Medieval Low Countries”, in June 2018. Her current research project explores the practices of various agents to promote communal wellbeing in the late medieval urban Low Countries. It is part of the ERC-funded interdisciplinary project “Healthscaping Urban Europe”. Her main research interests are the history of (public) health; social and urban history and more theoretical explorations of spatiality and materiality; as well as gender, medicine, crime, and urban governance.

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I am an art historian specializing in the visual culture of the Dutch Golden Age. My research focuses on urban identity and sociopolitical agency as expressed in paintings and prints produced after the Protestant Reformation. ​ My work interlaces visual analysis and political history with urban theory to trace how self-perceptions of our role and worth in urban communities influence our visual enagagement with the world.

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…and the History Department at Durham University, 17 September 2020.
Cities in (E)motion?  Urban Milieus of Exile, Refuge, and Belonging, Main Session, at Cities in Motion: 15th Conference on…
…European Association of Urban History (member of the International Committee)

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…g their Public: The Hungarian Association for the Advancement of Science in Budapest, 1841-1896.” Urban Histories of Science: Making Knowledge in the City. Eds. Oliver Hochadel and Agustí Nieto-Gal…

I am a historian of modern Europe, specialising in the history of science, urban history, and the study of translation and reception in the history of ideas. Much of my research is about the history of the movement of people and ideas. Research interests include the academic and popular reception of Darwinism and evolution; the history of Hungary and Central Europe in a transnational context; the study of knowledge production and transfer in the long nineteenth century; the role of the city and urban culture, including the urban press, in the circulation and transformations of knowledge; the history of scientific societies, associations and institutions; and the effect of migration and exile on knowledge transfer.