MemberSebastiaan Faber

• Iberian Trans-Atlantic Studies
• Institutional History of Hispanism
• Historical Memory in Post-Franco Spain
• Spanish Cinema; Luis Buñuel; Post-Francoist Cinema
• Literature of Spanish Civil War Exile
• Representations of the Spanish Civil War and SCW refugees
• The Crisis of the Turn of the Century in Spain and Spanish America
• Intellectuals and Political Commitment
• Intellectual Contacts Between Spain and Spanish America after 1810
• Constructions of Hispanic Identity since Latin-American Independence
• Theory of Ideology
• Contemporary Spanish Fiction
• Journalism and Fiction in Latin-American Literature

MemberAttila Mészáros

…Einwanderungsdebatte. Convivium. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Polen 2016. Bonn: DAAD, 2017. S. 111-130. URL:
Refugees welcome?: Eine kontrastive Diskursnetzwerkanalyse am Beispiel der deutschen und der slowakischen Einwanderungsdebatte. In: Germanica Wratislaviensia 14…

Dr. Attila Mészáros studied German and Hungaric Studies at the Philosopher Constantine University in Nitra (Slovakia) and subsequently did her PhD in the field of German linguistics at the TU Chemnitz, Germany. In his dissertation he examined the techniques of popularizing knowledge transfer in the computer field in a multilingual context. As Senior Research Assistant at the Department of German Language and Literature of the J. Selye University in Komárno (Slovakia), he is working on his habilitation project, which is dedicated to the refugee debate in the German, Hungarian and Slovak press.

MemberJennifer Way

I am an art historian specializing in the 20th and 21st centuries, with emphasis on the period from 1945 to the present. Previously, I worked in the curatorial departments of art museums in Philadelphia and Detroit and in leadership for nfp organizations. My current research explores how Americans engaged with a foreign art form in projects that intersected international agendas with domestic everyday life, and linked the United States and Vietnam on questions of diplomacy, domestication and belonging in the Free World during the 1950s. I use historical texts and contemporary theory to illuminate archival materials, object practices, and discursive meanings that arise at the intersection of politics, economy and art. Course topics I teach in relation to my research examine craft and decorative art in historiographies of modernism; visual culture, refugees and migrants; art and suffering; objects of diplomacy; heritage and memory; and the politics of exhibitions.  

MemberDavid Brady

Army Chaplain & Director of Boots and Bible Ministries. Interested in the theological combination of Game Theory, Leadership and Social Responsibility. Specializes in Religious Support during both stability operations, civil support and domestic operations; providing commanders with professional advice regarding the dynamic influence of religion and religious belief in the operational area as well as serving as liaison to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) in the operational area.  I enjoy working with Civil Affairs assisting with Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). One of a handful of Pacifist Chaplains in the US Army. I worked as Chaplain to the New York Yankees for two seasons 1996 & 1997.

MemberBeverly Weber

….” Journal of Contemporary European Studies, published online August 2019, print publication forthcoming.

“Refugees and Islam: Representing Race, Rights, Cohabitation.” Journalism, Gender and Power. Eds. Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner and Stuart Allan. Routledge, 20…

Beverly Weber’s research and teaching interests include the intersections of race, gender, and migration in Germany and Europe; comparative studies of racialization; digital activism; contemporary visual cultures; contemporary German literature and culture; and Islam in Europe.  Her interdisciplinary work is informed by transnational feminist cultural studies frameworks, with a current focus on theories of precarity and intimacy; and incorporates analysis of popular media, literature, and film. Her first book, Violence and Gender in the “New” Europe: Islam in German Culture, examines how current thinking about Islam and gender violence prohibits the intellectual inquiry necessary to act against a range of forms of violence. It then analyzes ways in which Muslim women participate in the public sphere by thematizing violence in literature, art, and popular media. Her current book project explores the entanglements of racialized histories and European discourses of rights in contemporary discussions of refugees in Germany. She is also working on another project with Maria Stehle examining representations of intimacy and Europeanness in contemporary film.

MemberJoshua Agbo

Joshua Agbo is currently doing a Ph.D. research in Southern African literature at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom. His research focuses on Bessie Emery Amelia Head’s novels, approached from the angle(s) of exile, migration, trauma, and post-colonial studies. His research interests further stretch across African history, linguistic/literary stylistics of West African literature, and Afro-Caribbean studies. He is the author of How Africans Underdeveloped Africa: A Forgotten Truth in History (2010) and Dead Wood (2015), as well as the co-editor of the book entitled as, Linguistics: An Introductory Text. He is also a member of several academic bodies/associations, and some of which include: Modern Language Association (MLA), African Literature Association (ALA), Association of Child Development and Communication Disorders, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Great Northern Postcolonial Network, New Routes Old Roots Network, Refugees & Migration Ph.D. Network, and Postcolonial Studies Association. He has published both nationally and internationally. He was longlisted for ANA Literary Award (2013), shortlist for the Barbara Harlow Prize for Excellence (2017), and awarded by Anglia Ruskin University for the Graduate Conference presentation (2017).

MemberJamelyn Palattao


Russian refugees in Asia-Pacific…(PhD Thesis)


Mission, Humanitarianism and Diplomacy: James Greig and the Russian Refugee Crisis in China (MA Diss.)

Iligan City’s Transportation and Tourism Directions (Public Org/Public History)

Forts and Floods in Colonial Iligan

Urban …

Faculty member of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Department of History; Currently on Study-leave for PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.