…Ph.D., Sichuan International Studies University(SISU), 2018-present
Research Interests: Cognitive Literary Studies; Cognitive Approaches to Shakespeare
Honors and Awards: The First Prize Scholarship of SISU(2018-2019; 2019-2020)
Research Project: The “Body-Mind” Relationship in Shakespeare’ Works (2019-2021), sponsored by SISU
Advisor: Prof. Xiong Muqing

M.A., Sichuan International Studies University, 2013-2016
Research Fields: Cognitive Linguistics & Cognitive Poetics
Thesis: “The Metaphorical System of ‘Nature-Man- Text’ in Chinese Poetics: A Cognitive Cultural Study”
Honors and Awards: National S…
… Misguided Prejudice: On the Longbourn Mind in Pride and Prejudice.” Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 2020(4) :42-51+157.

“ ‘Persuasion’Motif in Jane Austen’s Novels Based on Theory of Mind.” Journal of Chengdu University(Social Sciences), 2020(3):79-84.

“Shakespeare in Cognitive Literary Studies.” Sichuan Drama. 2020(5) Page:35-41.

“Morality, Emotion, and Cognition: On Female Independence in Mansfield Park.” Journal of Yancheng Institute of Technology(Social Science Edition). 2020(2):70-74.

“A Tour of Catherine’s Mental Transformation: A Defense for the Female Growing-up Theme …

I am a doctoral candidate at Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China, and a member of the Chinese Association of Cognitive Poetics and Cognitive Literary Studies. My research interests include cognitive poetics, cognitive literary studies, cognitive approaches to Shakespeare.