MemberEva Weinmayr

I am an artist, educator, and researcher based in London (UK) and Gothenburg (Swe) working in the intersections between contemporary art, feminist pedagogies, and institutional analysis by experimenting with intersectional knowledge practices. I currently conduct doctoral research in artistic practice at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg  investigating the micro-politics of publishing and dissemination. More concretely I research through artistic practice the coercive reciprocity between authorship, authorization and authority and this triangulation’s impact on intersectional feminist and postcolonial practice and theory. How to “bridge potentially incompatible cultures between “disciplined”  and “undisciplined” (academic/non-academic) research” ? (Femke Snelting/Kate Rich, 2018) The writing of the thesis is taking place on a mediawiki. Current and recent projects include AND Publishing (with Rosalie Schweiker, London), The Piracy Project (with Andrea Francke, London), and Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy (with  Feminist Pedagogy Working Group, Valand Academy Gothenburg) and Help! David Cameron likes my art (with John Moseley and Titus Kroder).

MemberKyle Taylor Lucas

American Indian and Canada First Nations Studies Intersection of Colonial Oppression and Trauma Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Urban Indian Survival Indigenous and Post-Colonial Studies Indigenous Women and Generational Trauma Criminal Justice System Reform Dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex Political Economy and Justice History of Race, Class, and Gender in Colonial U.S. Women of Color and Feminist Theory Environmental Justice Wild Salmon Recovery Water as a Human Right

MemberJoanna Gardner-Huggett

Joanna Gardner-Huggett is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean at DePaul University where she teaches courses on twentieth-century art and feminist theory. Gardner-Huggett’s research focuses on the intersection between feminism and arts activism and has been published in the journals British Art Journal, Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies, Historical Geography, and Woman’s Art Journal. Her most recent scholarship explores the history of the painter Julia Thecla (1896-1973), the Guerrilla Girls, the Feminist Art Workers, and the origins of the women artists’ cooperatives Artemisia Gallery in Chicago (1973-2003) and ARC (1973-present). 

MemberJulie Thompson

My research focuses on Shakespearean stage performance, Shakespearean literary studies, and gender in Shakespeare analyzed through the lens of psychoanalytic (Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva), feminist (Judith Butler, Kaja Silverman, Sara Ahmed), and postcolonial (bell hooks) theories. I am developing research projects in the areas of trauma theory, YA dystopian fiction, virtual reality, and feminist pedagogies. Currently, I am involved in a research project intersecting all of these areas and I am writing an article deconstructing the Lacanian gaze through operatic performance.