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I am a Lecturer in Liberal Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Cal State-LA, where I teach courses on interdisciplinary research and writing, and science studies. My research background and publications are interdisciplinary as well.  I write about agriculture, animals, and science in mostly equine contexts.  I am also currently writing Locust for Reaktion Books’ Animal Series, which is agricultural and scientific/technological history of the non-mammalian bent. I also host a podcast!  It’s called The Range.  It is produced by me and Foodways Texas in Austin, and its little sweet episodes about Texas food and agricultural history are available on iTunes. And, I write for food publications about food history, logistics, and cultures, with a particular focus on animal, agricultural, and science topics.  Check out my latest here. Interdisciplinarity rules my personal interests as well: I am a horse crazy, greyhound-loving succulent enthusiast. I recently relocated from Austin, TX to Long Beach, CA.  

MemberTim Waterman

…oduction’ in Zeunert, Joshua, and Tim Waterman, Eds. Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food. London and New York: Routledge
Waterman, Tim (2018) ’Taste, Foodways, and Everyday Life’ in Zeunert, Joshua, and Tim Waterman, Eds. Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food. London and New York: Routledge
Waterman, Ti…

I am Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture History and Theory at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL; a Non-Executive Director at Furtherfield: For Arts, Technology and Social Change; Vice-President of the European Council for Landscape Architecture Studies (ECLAS); and a member of the board of directors of the Landscape Research Group (LRG). I am the author of Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture (2015), which is now in its second edition and, with Ed Wall, Basics Landscape Architecture: Urban Design (2009). Both have now been translated into several languages. I have also recently published Landscape and Agency: Critical Essays (2017), co-edited with Ed Wall and the Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food (2018), co-edited with Joshua Zeunert. I write regularly for Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute and Landscape Architecture Magazine, as well as a number of other architecture, landscape, and garden design magazines. In recent years I have travelled as a speaker on the philosophy of design and landscape, espousing the need for new utopian models for sustainable futures.   My research interests are rooted in the study of landscape imaginaries in everyday life. This forms the basis for explorations of power and democracy and their shaping of public space and public life; taste, etiquette, belief and ritual; and foodways in community and civic life and landscape. Further, the complex network of processes and systems in lived landscape and landscape design has led me to interrogate traditional modes of representation in landscape design process in search of further models.   I have been a co-convener of various conferences and symposia, most recently the Landscape Citizenships Symposium at Conway Hall in London. I serve as a peer reviewer for the journal Landscape Research, and for the publishers Routledge, Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press, and the Open Library for the Humanities. I am chair of the Professional Review Group for the landscape programme and External Examiner for the MSc Cultural Landscapes at the Edinburgh College of Art.


…nal of Popular Culture 40:1 (January 2007): 109-146.

“Nouvelle Cuisine Meets the German Cinema: Bella Martha’s Recipe for Contemporary Film,” Food and Foodways 12:1 (January – March 2004): 27-52.

“Dada-Diets: Dysfunctional Physiologies of Devouring,” seminar 37:1 (Feb. 2001): 1-20.

“Stories of Fo…

Cecilia Novero is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of Otago in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her research in the interdisciplinary Humanities spans the fields of Food Studies, Animal Studies, Environmental Humanities, and Avant-garde Studies, with a focus on Visual Culture and German-speaking literature and film. Cecilia is the author of Antidiets of the Avant-Garde: From Futurist Cooking to Eat Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010). She is co-editor of Otago German Studies with Dr August Obermayer and Peter Barton. She is also on the academic board of antennae, and the editorial board of the Animal Studies Journal and is a member of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies (University of Canterbury, NZ). She has published in journals such as seminar, German Studies Review, cinema journal, food and foodways, antennae, among others. Her articles have also appeared in edited volumes such as Gorgeous Beasts Animal Bodies in Historical Perspective (edited by Joan B. Landes, Paula Young Lee, and Paul Youngquist, PSU 2012) and Animal Life and the Moving Image (edited by Michael Lawrence and Laura McMahon, BFI 2015). She is the translator into Italian of Russell Page, The Education of a Gardener (L’educazione di un giardiniere, Umberto Allemandi &Co., reprint 2011).

MemberJaquetta Shade-Johnson

…c and Writing, Michigan State University: August 2018
Dissertation: “Wishi Stories: Rhetorical Strategies of Survivance and Continuance in Oklahoma Cherokee Foodways”
Directed by Malea Powell (chair), Terese Guinsatao Monberg, Alexandra Hidalgo, & Elizabeth LaPensée
Master of Arts in English, Northeastern S…

Dr. Jaquetta Shade-Johnson is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Missouri, where she teaches courses in rhetoric and composition, Indigenous literature, digital storytelling, and Native American and Indigenous studies. Her research at the intersections of cultural rhetorics, Indigenous studies, and environmental humanities is primarily focused on how Indigenous communities make meaning through rhetorical, embodied, and storied relationships with the land. She currently serves as chair of the 2020 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Nominating Committee, in addition to serving on the editorial collective as a founding editor for Spark: a 4C4Equality Journal, a digital, open-access, peer-reviewed journal addressing activism in writing, rhetoric, and literacy studies.

MemberHeather Hewett

“Vigilance and Valour in the Kitchen: Feeding, Eating, and the Intellectual Work of Motherhood in Food-Allergic Families.” Mothers and Food: Negotiating Foodways from Maternal Perspectives, edited by Florence Pasche Guignard and Tanya M. Cassidy, Demeter Press, 2016, 88-102.

“Linking Economic Justice and Wo…

My research explores changing narratives about motherhood and parenting, the role of storytelling within feminist and social justice movements, the creative work of women writers in Africa and the African diaspora, and teaching in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies. I also write personal essays and book reviews.

MemberMarielle R. Risse

…” The Arab World as Ghurba: Citizenship, Identity and Belonging in Literature and Popular Culture. University of Warwick. June 21, 2019.
Risse, Marielle. “Foodways and Society in Southern Oman.” British Society for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds, June 24-26, 2019.


Teaching subjects: English literature, Arabic literature in translation, World literature in translation, Creative writing, Cultural Studies, Education. Research subjects: Gibali (Jebbali/ Sheri) culture, Dhofari and Omani history and culture, Intercultural Communication, English Literature, Travel Writing, Pedagogy, Anthropology