MemberHannah Alpert-Abrams

I am an independent scholar & program specialist in digital humanities. My current focus is on job market transparency and the future of higher ed. I am a founding member of the Postdoctoral Laborers, the Job Market Support Network, and the Visionary Futures Collective. I am interested in libraries, book history, and digital humanities. My dissertation research was on textual replication in a colonial context: scribal copying, photostatic facsimiles, automatic transcription, and surrogate repatriation across the U.S.-Mexico border. From 2015-2017, I managed the Reading the First Books project at LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections. From 2017-2018 I was a CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow working with the digital archive of the Policìa Nacional de Guatemala as part of the post-custodial digital archiving initiatives at LLILAS Benson. From 2018-2019 I was a postdoctoral fellow in the history of the book at Brown University.

MemberArina Melkozernova

My research focuses on preservation of traditional knowledge and investigates connections between local diets, biosemiotics and resilience. I am involved in the collaborative digital archiving project “Making History Accessible” with the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana and Dr. D. Bates. I am working on the proposal for preserving their knowledge about land, resources, history, and oral traditions by combining the de-colonizing mapping technology and indigenous research methods.

MemberHelga Lenart-Cheng

all genres of life-writing (auto/biography, diary, blog, visual diaries, digital archives of life stories etc.), and the politics of sharing life stories
the intersection of philosophy and literature (particularly: theories of subjectivity, theories of community, phenomenological hermeneutics, and the philosophies of Paul Ricoeur and Jean-Luc Nancy)

Alexander Lenard and East European memoir literature

MemberAlicia Peaker

I am the Director of Digital Scholarship, Critical Making, and Digital Collections Management at Bryn Mawr College. I have also worked as the CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Liberal Arts at Middlebury College; the Co-Director for Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive, the Project Manager for The Women Writers Project, and the Development Editor for GradHacker at InsideHigherEd. My research brings together approaches from both environmental humanities and digital humanities to explores the botanical worlds of novels.

MemberMariana Strassacapa Ou

I am a converted Londoner, originally from São Paulo. After working a few years in Sao Paulo as an architect and graphic designer, I came to the UK to pursue a master’s in Library Science. Having received my degree from City, University of London, I worked with cataloguing and digitisation of special items, such as pamphlets and posters, from the incredible archives of the Marx Memorial Library. I love all aspects of research work. My main interests at the moment: archive studies, library and archive history, digital archives, Spanish civil war. History, social history, and philosophy are passions that leave traces on everything I write and do. I am currently reading: a history of lighthouses, a global history of work, and a collection of British classic ghost stories