MemberRick De Vos

…d: The Question of Elliot’s Bird of Paradise‘ in Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations, eds. D. B. Rose, T. van Dooren and M. Chrulew, 88-115. Columbia University Pr…

I conduct research in the area of anthropogenic extinction, particularly in terms of its cultural significance and the way that extinction is articulated and practiced.  I have published essays in Knowing Animals (2007), Animal Death (2013), Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations (2017), and in Animal Studies Journal (2014-2017).

MemberRyan Oliver


I loved reading as a child and since then I have read a large number of books. At my leisure, I always spend time on this entertainment. I also like to read scientific articles and I think that it develops my abilities very well. Once I even read a lot of articles about black death. This is a very terrible disease that claimed thousands of lives all over the planet. I believe that it is very necessary to know such things.

MemberM Selim Yavuz

I earned my PhD degree in Musicology from Leeds Beckett University. I taught “Composition Techniques in 20th century”, “Critical Perspectives in Musical Composition”, “Introduction to Sociology”, and “Social Thought in Movies” at various institutions and departments. I come from a computer science and engineering and historical musicology background. My PhD thesis focused on the genealogy of death/doom metal music networks in northern England. I have previously worked on John Dowland’s religious oeuvre and Elizabethan social structures in 17th century; and I have also written a dissertation on the ideas of death and suicide in depressive suicidal black metal music. I am currently working as an assistant professor in musicology at Istanbul University, State Conservatory. My research interests include extreme metal music, death and culture, and digital musicology among others.