MemberPablo Suárez

Master of Arts (Guanajuato University, 2018). Bachelor in Arts and Cultural Heritage (Havana University, 2016). Performer Diploma in Flute and Chamber Music (National School of Music, 2008). He was Specialist in Analysis of Cultural Activity in the Cabinet of Esteban Salas Musical Heritage at Havana, Cuba; Professor of Flute at the National School of Music of Cuba; Professor of Flute of the Amadeo Roldan Provincial Music Conservatory of Havana; and flutist in various ensembles, instrumental chamber ensembles and Cuban symphonic orchestras. His publications have appeared in refereed journals and collective books of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain and Mexico; countries where he has been a speaker at congresses, symposiums and international workshops. His research has been conducted under the tutelage of Dr. Miriam Escudero Suástegui, Dr. Luis Barreiro Pouza and Dr. Hugo Barreiro Lastra. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD Program in Arts [History and Languajes of Music] (2018-2021) at the Guanajuato University. He is a part-time Professor (2018-) in the Department of Music and Performing Arts of the same Mexican university, Coordinator – Chief Editor at El Filarmónico (2018-), and Teacher at the Music School of the Cultural Institute of León (2019-). His fields of work are Latin American Musicology, Popular Musicology, Audiovisual Musicology and Artistic-Musical Practices.

MemberBernd Brabec de Mori

Bernd Brabec de Mori received his Ph.D in musicology from the University of Vienna. He specialised in indigenous music from the Ucayali valley in Eastern Peru, where he spent five years among the indigenous group Shipibo-Konibo. Since 2006, he has been working at the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna; as a research and teaching assistant at the Centre for Systematic Musicology in Graz; as senior scientist at the Institute of Ethnomusicology, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz; as guest professor at the Institute of Musicology of the University of Vienna, and as a lecturer at the department of social and cultural anthropology, Philipps-Universität Marburg. He is the author of “Die Lieder der Richtigen Menschen” (Songs of the Real People, 2015), editor of “The Human and Non-human in Lowland South American Indigenous Music” (2013), and co-editor of “Mundos audibles de América” (2015, with Matthias Lewy and Miguel A. García) and “Auditive Wissenskulturen” (2018, with Martin Winter). His publications contribute to the research areas of Western Amazonian indigenous music, arts, and history; to the complex of music, ritual, and altered states; as well as to theories about knowledge, ontology, and aurality/orality.

MemberPeter Mondelli

Peter Mondelli has served on the faculty at UNT’s College of Music since 2012.  His main research projects consider the impact of print culture and bourgeois capitalism on nineteenth-century Parisian opera.  Other areas of interest include oral song culture in the late eighteenth-century, early music and musicology in fin-de-siècle France, and the relationship between music studies and the posthumanities.