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In an era of transformative open access journal agreements, the article examines the Community-Led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM) project through a transformative lens. How might we apply transformativeness to open access monograph publishing? Is transformativeness measured in strictly financial and transactional terms, or should more qualitative measures be considered; and, if so, what might those measures be? Centering academic values, scaling small, fostering communities of practice, production efficiencies, and collaboration are characteristics of the COPIM Project. Libraries and universities committed to academic values are called on to align both the direction of their scholarly communication programs and the principles underlying their collection development policies around a reimagined and transformative open access monograph publishing system that aims higher, beyond transaction-based cost transparencies.

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Thanks, Sebastian – I’m afraid I don’t have access to MIT’s Zotero group, but happy to say that COPIM’s Work Package 3 team (Izabella Penier, Tom Grady (@scholtom) and Martin Eve) have made references from their report available in COPIM’s Zotero group – the WP3-specific Revenue Models collection is available at and I’ve made […]

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There’s a new report out on metadata and OA books from COPIM: Stone, G., Gatti, R., van Gerven Oei, V. W. J., Arias, J., Steiner, T., & Ferwerda, E. (2020). WP5 Scoping Report: Building an Open Dissemination System. COPIM. This is part of COPIM’s WP5, which is aiming to ‘develop technical protocols and infrastructure […]

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I’m Editor and Outreach Co-Ordinator at Open Book Publishers, a leading independent not-for-profit Open Access book publisher, founded and run by academics. I work with ScholarLed, a consortium of five academic-led, not-for-profit OA book presses of which Open Book Publishers is a founder member, and I do outreach work for the COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) project, which is building open, community-governed infrastructure to develop and strengthen Open Access book publishing. I’m also completing a PhD on theatrical adaptations of nineteenth-century novels and poetry. Cover photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash.