MemberAmelia Rauser

…ing Neoclassical Dress,” in Justine De Young, ed., Fashion in European Art: Dress and Identity, Politics and the Body, 1775-1975, London and New York: I.B. Tauris (forthcoming, 2017).

My book, Caricature Unmasked: Irony, Authenticity, and Individualism in Eighteenth-Century English Prints, was published by the University of Delaware Press in 2008….

I’m a specialist in 18th-century European visual culture, especially in Great Britain. My first book examined the origins of political caricature; my current research project centers on the history of fashion. “Living Statues: Neoclassical Culture and Fashionable Dress in the 1790s– London, Paris, Naples,” is a study of the radical style of undress in the 1790s and its connection to contemporary aesthetic, political, and scientific thought.

MemberKoca Mehmet Kentel

…ute. October 18, 2019 – July 25, 2020, Istanbul,
2017      Co-Curator. The Characters of Yusuf Franko: An Ottoman Bureaucrat’s Caricatures. Exhibition held at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED). January 26 – June 1, 2017, Istanbul. The exhibition will trave…
…Press, 2019.

2019 “Call of Duty: Empire Mapped and Played.” Tank Magazine 80 (2019): 148-155.

2018 “Caricaturizing ‘Cosmopolitan’ Pera: Play, Critique, and Absence in Yusuf Franko’s Caricatures, 1884-1896.” Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies (peer-reviewed). Vol.5, N.1 (2018): 7-32.

2018      “Empire on a Board: Navigating the British Empire through Geographical…

I am an urban and environmental historian of late Ottoman Istanbul, and the Research Projects Manager at Istanbul Research Institute. I am also the Associate Editor of YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies. I received my Ph.D. with distinction from the University of Washington in December 2018 with my doctoral dissertation, “Assembling ‘Cosmopolitan’ Pera: An Infrastructural History of Late Ottoman Istanbul. I am highly involved in public scholarship and exhibition curation. I am the curator of the recently opened exhibition Hafıza-i Beşer: Osmanlı Yazmalarından Hikâyeler // Memories of Humankind: Stories from the Ottoman Manuscripts, at the Istanbul Research Institute (October 18, 2019 – December 2020). I was the Co-Curator for The Characters of Yusuf Franko: An Ottoman Bureaucrat’s Caricatures exhibition, held at Koc University’s ANAMED from January to June, 2017. I authored the exhibition texts and I was the main curator behind The exhibition will travel to Beirut in 2020. My doctoral research and writing were supported through fellowships and scholarships by International Journal for Urban and Regional Research Foundation, University of Washington’s Simpson Center, Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, University of Washington Hall-Ammerer-Washington Research Foundation, University of Washington Graduate School, and University of Washington Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department. Between 2015-2017, I was the Head Librarian of Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations in Istanbul. My work as the Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) Head Librarian involved in managing the library’s collection development, organizing library events, coordinating the library’s future plans with Koç University Library and ANAMED managements, and supporting both institutions by the library’s resources and services, as well as through my personal skills. In my capacity as ANAMED Head Librarian, I also co-coordinated BiblioPera: Beyoğlu Research Centers Network from September 2015. Supported by Istanbul Development Agency, BiblioPera brings together 9 research centers located in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. The project was awarded the 1st Prize at Koç University’s Most Successful Employees Awards 2016.

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…chapters on the viral circulation of Blake’s proverbs and pictures, historical reenacting, antiquarianism, Edmund Burke’s political philosophy, postmodernism, eighteenth-century political caricature, and pedagogy have appeared in various venues, including PMLA, ELH, Textual Practice, Romantic Circles, and Representations….

I research and teach eighteenth and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, media, intellectual history, gender, and critical theory.

MemberMelanie Conroy

…n, Digitizing Enlightenment, edited by Simon Burrows and Glenn Roe, Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (Liverpool: Liverpool UP), pp. 222-36.
2019 “Teaching Republican Culture through Caricature: The Scandal of Charlie Hebdo”MLA’s Teaching Representations of the French Revolution, eds. Julia Douthwaite, Catriona Seth, and Antoinette Sol, pp. 128-39.
2016 “The French Enl…

French literature, language, culture; digital humanities; modern European cultural history.

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…orlds in Graphic Narratives, edited by David Herman (London & New York: Bloomsbury Academic Press, forthcoming 2017). PEER REVIEWED.

“William Faulkner’s Illustrious Circles: Double-Dealing Caricatures in Style and Taste.” Faulkner and Print Culture: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2015, ed. Jay Watson, Jaime Harker, and James G. Thomas, Jr. (Jackson: UP of Mississippi, forthcoming June 20…

My research can be broadly divided into two areas: (1) 19th-20th century American and English literature, and (2) Modern and contemporary Japanese language, literature, and culture. Studies in global modernism and transnational exchanges bring these two fields together. Related research interests include feminist, postcolonial, and critical theory; the multi-ethnic literatures of the US, particularly African-American literature; the American South; Gothic literature; visual texts, arts, and culture.