MemberDara Rossman Regaignon

…Assoc Prof Eng & Dir Expository Writing Prog…
…BookWriting Program Administration at Small Liberal Arts Colleges. With Jill Gladstein.  Clemson, SC: Parlor Press, 2012.(Reviewed in Composition Forum 29 [2014]; Journal of Teaching Writing 29.2 [2014]: 107-116.)Selected Articles“Anxious Uptakes: Nineteenth-Century Advice…

Writing Program and Writing Center Administration
Rhetorical Genre Theory
First-Year Writing
Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines
Victorian Literature and Culture
Writing Assessment

MemberKatherine V Tsiopos Wills, PhD

…igital Composition. Apr 2013.
NATIONAL Council of Teachers of English. National Award for Best New Collection in Technical and Scientific Writing for co-edited collection Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies. Scott, Longo, & Wills (Eds.). NY: S…
…ouri, English Literature
B.A. Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Anthropology
M.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Writing
Ph.D. University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Composition and Rhetoric

… Cultural Studies. Albany: SUNY. Edited Collection.

Tsiopos Wills, K.V. (2015). A Study of Technological Literacy and Privilege in Writing Programs. Omni Scriptum P. Saarbrucken, GER. ISBN 978-3-639-76383-6.

Bousquet, M., & K. Wills (Eds). (2004).Politics of I…

My research, teaching, and service focus on writing studies as theorized with cultural studies:  specifically, business, creative writing, professional and technical writing.