MemberDara Rossman Regaignon

…Assoc Prof Eng & Dir Expository Writing Prog…
…BookWriting Program Administration at Small Liberal Arts Colleges. With Jill Gladstein.  Clemson, SC: Parlor Press, 2012.(Reviewed in Composition Forum 29 [2014]; Journal of Teaching Writing 29.2 [2014]: 107-116.)Selected Articles“Anxious Uptakes: Nineteenth-Century Advice…

Writing Program and Writing Center Administration
Rhetorical Genre Theory
First-Year Writing
Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines
Victorian Literature and Culture
Writing Assessment

MemberCynthia-Marie M. O'Brien

I am interested in writing center scholarship, sustainable writing communities, writing program administration, the use of narrative in scholarship, transfer of writing center ethos from the one-on-one consultation to the group environment, graduate writing instruction, international education, writing as cultural phenomena, incorporating rhetorical tools from other languages into English-language conventions, and the essay.