MemberSamuel Akinbo

…berg, Samuel Akinbo & Bryan Gick. (2015). Acoustic and articulatory qualities of smiled speech. Canadian Acoustics, 43(3).

Lewis, Demola & Akinbo, Samuel. (2014). EEG cerebral localization of tone. Journal of West African Languages XLI, 2, 118….

I am interested in theoretical phonology, the intersection between language and music, and the documentation of endangered and understudied languages in West Africa.

MemberPatricia Cummins

  Dr. Patricia W. Cummins (Virginia Commonwealth University) is President of the Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society. An expert in Business French and language for special purposes, she teaches interdisciplinary courses on French West Africa, the European Union, intercultural communication, and language and identity.  She hosts workshops for U.S. language teachers, organizes American Language and Civilization Workshops for international teachers and learners of English, and solicits public and private funding for grants and contracts, most recently in Africa. Her grants and contracts often fund other VCU faculty and students as well as those at other institutions. As Chair of the Richmond Sister Cities Commission 2012-17, she encouraged economic development and international collaboration among higher education institutions as well as joint sponsorship of the award-winning 2013 Women, War & Peace in Africa conference and the 2017 Africa Business Conference.  She has published 4 books and over 50 articles, and her workshops on language for business and professional purposes and on intercultural communication were delivered in settings throughout Europe and North America, as well as in West Africa, China, Japan, India, and Iran.  In 2017 she co-hosted the bilingual Eighth Africa Business Conference at VCU where representatives from institutions in Africa, Canada, Europe, and the United States were in attendance. The American Association of Teachers of French 2018 book-length overview of the K-16 educational system in France and the French-speaking world includes her chapter on higher education reform and its future directions at the beginning of the Macron presidency. In 2019 the Modern Language Association published an article on the role of languages and cultures in sustainable development. In 2020 the Council of European Studies is publishing her article on the future of European Studies and higher education reform in Africa. She gives seminars on intercultural communication in Africa and Europe and promotes the development of bilingual and multicultural campuses as well as public private partnership initiatives involving higher education reform and entrepreneurship.  

MemberTimothy Landry

… Respectable:’ Divination, Death, and Humanism in Contemporary Anthropology. Anthropology and Humanism 40:1, pp. 177-181.

2010. “The Slave Route: Touring the Inaccurate and Experiencing the Authentic in Bénin, West Africa.” In Contested Cultural Heritage: Religion and Nationalism in a Globalized World.  Helaine Silverman, ed. New York: Springer, pp 205-31.

2008. “Moving to Learn: Performance and Learning in Haitian Vod…

Prof. Landry is a socio-cultural anthropologist who works in the Afro-Atlantic world. He has worked with Vodún and orisa worshipers in coastal West Africa  and with practitioners of Vodou in Haiti and in the United States. Through ethnographic research, Prof. Landry seeks to understand the ways in which autochthonous West African religions and their derivatives move around the globe. In his current research project, Seeking Divine Power, Prof. Landry explores the ways in which the globalization of Vodún (Bénin) is encouraged by the formation of transnational religious-based markets, global media, and international spiritual tourism. In the near future, Prof. Landry will build upon this research by focusing on the ways in which sorcery in Benin help us to understand what it means to be “ontologically alive.”

MemberFrédérick Madore

…and M. Gomez-Perez. 2016. “Leaders of National and Transnational Muslim NGOs in Burkina Faso: Diverse Forms and Experiences of Islamic Civic Engagement.” In Faith and Charity: Religion and Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa, edited by M.N. LeBlanc and L. Audet Gosselin, 105–23. London: Pluto Press.

Encyclopedia Entry

Madore F. and M. Gomez-Perez. 2014. “Communauté Musulmane du Burkina Faso”, The Encyclopaedia of Isl…

I am a Part-Time Professor at the University of Ottawa and a Research Associate with the Sahel Research Group (University of Florida). In 2021, I will join the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Religion, Morality and Boko in West Africa project. I was previously a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for African Studies at the University of Florida. My research is comparative and explores Islam and Muslim societies in Francophone West Africa from the 1950s to the present. I have conducted extensive fieldwork in Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Togo, focusing on Islamic activism among youth and women, their appropriation of (new) media, and Muslim politics. Working within the digital humanities, I have developed methods for collecting, organizing and exploiting a broad array of written material that scholars in Islamic studies of Africa have often considered too scarce to be meaningfully employed.

MemberMads Langballe Jensen

…e economic, military and political contests, as well as the wider knowledge production following from the Danish colonialism. My work has thus far focused on Danish colonialism and slave trade on the “Gold Coast” in West Africa (present day Ghana), but the project aims to cover Danish colonialism in India, the West Indies, and Greenland. …

I am a historian of early modern political thought, working on topics from the German Reformation to the Early Enlightenment and from Denmark/Norway to the Coast of West Africa. I am particularly interested in how different theories of natural law were used to justify and legitimise interests in different religious, political, commercial and colonial conflicts in early modern history.   My first project was a contextual study of the political philosophy of the Wittenberg reformer Philipp Melanchthon and the first formulations of Protestant natural law theories. It investigated the different theories of natural law which Melanchthon developed and the purposes for which he applied (or didn’t apply) them in his political philosophical works. An early fruit of this project was an article on Melanchthon’s commentary on Aristotle’s Politics published in History of Political Thought.

MemberSiendou Konaté

…Felix Houphouet-Boigny University (Ivory Coast, West Africa)…
…Ph.D Comparative Literature, Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York

MA. American Studies, Cocody University, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa…

Academic interests include African and African American Studies (the subject of violence), Critical Race Theory, Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Orature (African oral literature)

MemberBeckie Bray Rankin

Beckie began her teaching career at a charter network in Washington, DC after completing undergraduate studies at Boston University where she earned a BA in French and a BS in Teaching Foreign Languages.  She served as District Coordinator and French teacher at a charter network for 2 years. Beckie completed an MAEd in French Education at Wake Forest University (NC) in 2010 and then spent a year in West Africa leading and teaching French with JourneyCorps, a humanitarian home-stay missional program. Beckie is currently a French teacher at Lexington High School (MA), where she coordinates the French Exchange Program. She is the First VP of MaFLA, Associate Producer of the Lead with Languages Podcast America the Bilingual, a member of the AATF Eastern Massachusetts Board, a Cohort II LILL member, the Vice Chair of an ACTFL SIG, and on the K-16 Pipeline Committee of the MLA. Beckie has published and presented in numerous venues, and loves to connect.

MemberFrancis F. K. Agbemade

Francis (Fred) Agbemade was born in Abor, a small Ewe-speaking community in Ghana, West Africa. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish from the University of Ghana. He also studied Spanish at the University of Cienfuegos, Cuba. He participated in an internship program with University of Seville’s Translation Bureau. He also pursued Translation Studies at the University of Seville. He later obtained his Master’s degree in Spanish from Ohio University. Fred Agbemade is currently a Spanish PhD candidate in the School of International Letters and, Arizona State University. His research interests include Afro-Caribbean & Latin American literature and culture, Cuban & Cuban-American Cinema, Chicano & Afro-American literature and Cultural Productions.