MemberMatt Chalmers

I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Washington and Lee University. I specialize in questions of identity, difference, representation, and pasts shared between Jews, Christians, and Samaritans. My research and teaching uses late ancient self-fashioning as a laboratory space for the critical approaches of the scholar of religion, as well as exploring the resonance of ancient identity in scholarship and intellectual history between the past and the present.

MemberTimothy Lubin

…ence on South Asian Studies, University of Vienna, 29 July–1 August 2020.
“Javanese Innovations in Indic Legal Science,” paper for the 230th Meeting of the American Oriental Society, Boston, 15–18 March 2020.
“The Householder Brahmin as a Religious Professional,” invited talk, South Asia Studies Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 4 March 2020.
“Asymmetries of Status in Civil and Ecclesiastical Polities: Lessons from Religious Exemptions in Ancient India,” paper for a conference on Status and Justice in Law, Religion, and Society, Washington and Lee University, 1–3 November 2019.    (Conference organizer)
“Old Javanese Legal Texts and Their Relevance to Epigraphy: Indic Models, Javanese Innovations,” presentation for the kickoff workshop of the DHARMA Project (ERC 809994), Humboldt University, Berlin, 16 September 2019.
“The Householder Brahmin as a Religious Professional,” invited lecture, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, Tokyo University, 10 July 2019.
“Svayambhu, an Old Javanese Paraphrase of Mānavadharmaśāstra, Chapter 8,” paper for the 229th Meeting of the Ame…
…Washington and Lee University…

Historian of religion and law in South and Southeast Asia, using Sanskrit texts and inscriptions in Prakrit, Sanskrit, Old Javanese, and Classical Tamil. I study the formation and spread of Brahmanical ideals and institutions in the ancient and early medieval periods.