MemberOlivia Louvel

…in two sound objects: The Sculptor Speaks, a resounding of a 1961 recording of Barbara Hepworth’s voice, premiered on Resonance Extra and SculptOr, an album release based on Hepworth’s extensive w…

Olivia Louvel is a French-born British composer and artist whose work draws on voice, computer music and digital narrative. She operates at the intersection of creation and documentation, often taking for a point of departure, texts, poetry and existing autobiographical documents. Her practice is built upon a long-standing exploration of the voice, sung or spoken, and its manipulation through digital technology, as a compositional method.  

MemberMegan Vallowe

My research takes an intersectional approach to Indigenous Literature of the Western Hemisphere, while my teaching more broadly emphasizes race and gender across literary periods and locales. My book project, “Indigenous Women’s Resistance in 19th Century Popular Media,” examines the biopolitics of Indigenous women’s manipulation of settler-colonial rhetorics in the long 19th century. When teaching, I encourage students to find their own voices through intersectional discussions of texts that demonstrate the rich diversity of American literature. My courses rely on discussion-based pedagogy that allows students to discover their voices, critically engage with texts, and take ownership of their education.

MemberSam Crawford

…te University | Johnson City, TN 
2009 Bachelor of Music, Vocal Music Education, Magna Cum Laude; Voice studies with Sun-Joo Oh, Composition studies with Maria Niederberger

Experienced Librarian with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and the arts. Skilled in various areas of information work, music (voice, composition / theory, musicology), and visual art, with a special interest in the avant-garde and experimental art forms. Other research / professional interests include: music bibliography, discography, music copyright, critical librarianship, queer studies, film studies, music of the 20th + 21st centuries (specifically minimalism), choral music of northern and eastern Europe, American opera and art song, and popular music (e.g., “Rock”) studies.

MemberJoelle Mann

…’s Untwine,” NEMLA March 2020.

“Listening to Write: The Aural Aesthetics of Sound and Voice Composition.”  SUNY Council on Writing Conference, SUNY Purchase College, November 2019.

…cies (In Progress)

Dissertation: “Radical Mediation in American Literary Landscapes: Viral Voices in the Novel”
Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop, James Madison University and HASTAC,…
…Mixed Media in American Literature: Viral Voices in the Novel, under contract @Routledgelit.

“‘Giving Back the Lack’: Facing the Voices of the Imagetext in Claudia Rankine’s…

I am currently full-time faculty at Binghamton University where I teach writing and media studies. I received my doctorate  from Stony Brook, and my research currently investigates the intermediality of contemporary American literature through an analysis of literary voice in multi-modal writing.  Specifically, I’m interested in the intersections among  21st-century literary forms, media convergence, and sociopolitical polemics. My book manuscript is currently under contract with Routledge Literature. I am also interested in the changing influences of literary forms within our informational, hyper-mediated society. I recently presented on the poetry of Jorie Graham and Claudia Rankine and also on the inclusion of cyberfeminist pedagogies within online instruction. I have eclectic interests which enhance my continued research and instruction.

MemberSerpil Oppermann

…sm. Eds. Serenella Iovino and Serpil Oppermann. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2014.

New International Voices in Ecocriticism. Ed. Serpil Oppermann.  Lanham, New York: Lexington Books, 2015.


  Serpil Oppermann is Professor of Environmental Humanities at Cappadocia University, and currently President of EASLCE (European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment). She is also an active member of ASLE: The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, serving on ASLE Translation Grants Committee in support of work in ecocriticism from international scholars to expand exchanges across cultures and traditions, as well as ASLE Mentoring Program. She has published widely on postmodern, material, and feminist ecocriticisms, and ecocritical theory. Her edited collections include International Perspectives in Feminist Ecocriticism  (with Greta Gaard and Simon Estok, Routledge, 2013), Material Ecocriticism (with Serenella Iovino, Indiana University Press, 2014), and Environmental Humanities: Voices from the Anthropocene (with Serenella Iovino, Rowman& Littlefield, 2017). She has also edited Ekoeleştiri: Çevre ve Edebiyat (Phoenix, 2012) and New Voices in International Ecocriticism (Lexington Books, 2015).