DepositThe Specious Present: background for my students (special author Virginia Woolf)

This 4 slides’ presentation is supplementary material for my students who have opted for Virginia Woolf as their Masters’ ‘special author’. The presentation shows how James’ the specious moment and Husserl’s the rough now constitute the matrix of modernist literature, especially the fiction of Virginia Woolf. From St. Augustine to Husserl there is a continuum which has to be understood for engaging with the novels of Virginia Woolf.

DepositFreud’s Dora and the construction of male desire: notes towards understanding Virginia Woolf

Deleuze & Guattari saw us as desiring-machines. They essentially saw the psychoanalytic act as being an act of male aggression. It is keeping this in mind that we should approach Virginia Woolf and her works. This presentation is supplementary to my classes on Woolf. Clarissa Dalloway and to an extent Virginia Woolf, both are desiring-machines/beings. The greatest mapping of desire was done by Freud and this presentation locates Woolf’s ambivalent loci of desire within the case history of Dora.

DepositMargaret Cavendish, Virginia Woolf, and the Cypriot Goddess Natura

This is a script of an original which was performed at the Othello’s Island Conference at the CVAR Museum in Nicosia, Cyprus. The performance took place on 8 April of 2017, with a video recorded of the dress rehearsal on 7 April. The actors were three students from the University of Sheffield and three students form Sheffield Hallam University. The director was Dr Henry Bell, a lecturer in performance at SHU. The producers were Prof Jim Fitzmaurice, Northern Arizona University, and Dr Michael Paraskos, Imperial College, London. The play was written by Jim Fitzmaurice. Funding was provided by the University of Sheffield Foundation and the Humanities College at SHU. Special thanks to Dr Rita Severis of the CVAR Museum.