MemberJoanna Swafford

Victorian poetry, Romantic poetry, sound studies, digital humanities, gender and queer studies.
Check out my digital projects: “Songs of the Victorians,” an archive of parlor and art song settings of Victorian poetry ( and “Augmented Notes,” a tool that lets users create sites like “Songs of the Victorians” (

MemberJames Diedrick

… of Wisconsin Press, 2006.

“The Hectic Beauty of Decay”:  Positivist Decadence in Mathilde Blind’s Late Poetry,” Victorian Literature and Culture 34 (2006): 631-648.

“’My Love is a Force That Will Force You to Care’: Subversive Sexuality in Mathilde Blind’s Dramatic Monologues,” Victorian Poetry 40.4 (2002) 359-386.

“A Pioneering Female Aesthete: Mathilde Blind in the Dark Blue,” The Victorian Periodicals Review 36.6 (2003): 210-241.

“The Grotesque Body: Physiology in The Mill on the Floss,” Mosaic, A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 21 (1988): 27-43.


I am a Professor of English at Agnes Scott, and have a Ph.D. in English from the University of Washington. I’ve taught at the UW, Chapman University (California),  Albion College (Michigan), and The Newberry Library (Chicago).  My teaching and scholarly interests include Victorian Literature & Culture, Victorian poetry, the Novel in English, Gender Studies and Film Studies, 

MemberClare Stainthorp

‘On the Discovery of a Sequence of Constance Naden’s Notebooks: Finding her Voice, 1875-79’, Victorian Poetry 56.3 (2018).
‘Tracing the Sculptural Legacy of Constance Naden: Memorialisation, Gender and the Portrait Bust’, Journal of Victorian Culture. Co-authored with Sarah Parker (2018).
‘Constance Naden: A Critical Overview’, Literature Compass, 14 (2017). and ‘Teaching guide for “Constance Naden: A Critical Overview”’, Literature Compass, 14 (2017).

My forthcoming book – Constance Naden: Scientist, Philosopher and Poet – won the 2017 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Nineteenth-Century Studies and is due to be published in summer 2019; it builds upon my PhD thesis on Naden as an exemplary Victorian interdisciplinary thinker. My work on Naden appears in Victorian Poetry (2018), Journal of Victorian Culture (with Sarah Parker, 2018), and Literature Compass (2017). I have also published on gender, class, and disability in the case of the artificial hand in Victorian Literature and Culture (2017).   My current research focuses on nineteenth-century freethought periodicals. I was awarded a 2017 Curran Fellowship by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals to undertake a project titled ‘Reviewing The Secular Review (1876-1907)’ and I am developing a postdoctoral project provisionally called ‘Reading the Freethought Movement in Britain: Atheism, Agnosticism, and Secularism, 1866–1907’. I am co-editor on the Routledge Historical Resource Nineteenth-Century Religion and Literature, Vol. 4 Doubt, Disbelief and New Beliefs.   I was the 2017/18 C19 Matters Early-Career Fellowship at Cardiff University (run jointly by BAVS and BARS) and I am currently Research Impact Officer for UCL’s Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences.   I have been a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, where I taught on a variety of modules within the BA and MA programmes, and more recently taught on the BA Comparative Literature degree at UCL. Until May 2019, I also worked in a professional services role within UCL’s English Department. Blog: