MemberMichael Ullyot

Michael Ullyot is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Calgary, specializing in early modern literature and the digital humanities. He researches how machines augment human expertise, like a computer program to detect rhetorical figures of repetition and variation. More recent projects include a database to compile every English sonnet, and research on Shakespeare performances in virtual reality.

MemberRichard Zach

I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Calgary, working in logic, history of analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of mathematics. In logic, my main interests are non-classical logics and proof theory. My historical interests lie mainly in the development of formal logic and historical figures associated with this development such as Hilbert, Gödel, and Carnap. In the philosophy of mathematics I have mainly worked on Hilbert’s program and the philosophical relevance of proof theory. I’m also interested, and actively working on, Open Educational Resources.

MemberEvan Cortens

…PhD in Musicology (Cornell University, 2014)

MusM in Musicology (Boston University, 2008)

BMus in Music History and Literature (University of Calgary, 2006)…

Evan Cortens is the Manager of Academic Initiatives at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a position he has held since December 2017. Before that, he was an Institutional Analyst at MRU, and worked previously as a Senior Researcher and Associate Editor at Academic Group. As well, Evan holds a PhD in Musicology from Cornell University (2014), with a focus on eighteenth-century German music. His dissertation, entitled “The Sacred Cantatas of Christoph Graupner: Music at the Intersection of Opera and Theology,” examines the cultural and historical context of the sacred works by this contemporary of J. S. Bach. Evan also holds degrees in musicology from the University of Calgary (2006) and Boston University (2008) and his research interests include the computer-aided analysis of musical manuscripts. He spent the summer of 2012 conducting archival research in Darmstadt, Germany supported by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) and in 2013, attended the inaugural Studienkolleg at the Mozarteum, in Salzburg, Austria. He has published in Bach: The Journal of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute, Eighteenth-Century Music, Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, Haydn: The Journal of the Haydn Society of North America and the Newsletter of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music and his edition of Johann Samuel Schroeter’s Six Keyboard Concertos, op. 3 was published by A-R Editions in 2013. In 2011–12, Evan served as the President of the Cornell Graduate and Professional Student Assembly. In Spring 2013, he was privileged to teach at the Auburn State Correctional Facility as part of Cornell’s Prison Education Program. From January 2014 to April 2015, he held the title of Assistant Professor (Part-Time) in the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario.

MemberNicole Wyatt

Nicole Wyatt is the Head of the Department Philosophy at the University of Calgary. She joined the department in 2000 after completing her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, N.Z. She became Head in January of 2013. Her main academic interests are in philosophy of logic and language. However she is somewhat prone to dilettantism, and dabbles from time to time in medieval philosophy and philosophy of sex and love. This is academic code for she writes about whatever interests her when she gets up in the morning, and only rarely things that don’t. Tenure makes this less foolhardy than it used to be. Aspiring academics should not do as she does. She has no cats and no dogs. She has a husband and a daughter, at least she did last time she checked. Her next most significant relationship is with her bicycle. She likes her coffee black, her eggs in omelet form, and her friends angry and bitter.

MemberGregor Wolbring

Associate Professor University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine, Community Health Sciences, Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Interests Ability Studies (ability, ability expectation  and ableism ethics and governance), disability studies, social, ethical, legal, economic, environmental, cultural and governance issues of new, emerging and converging sciences and technologies (S&T) such as nanoscale S&T, cognitive sciences, neuromorphic engineering, genetics, synthetic biology, robotics, brain computer interfaces, human  enhancement; impact of S&T on marginalized populations, especially disabled people; sports; human security, global health, health- (technology assessment, law, care and policies), sustainability studies; conflict studies; ecohealth, climate, water and energy issues and bioethics issues,

MemberJeanette Burman

…University Of Calgary…
…Bachelor of Arts, Art History (University of Calgary)

Master of Environmental Design, Thesis (University of Calgary)…
…Burman, J. (2018). A Phenomenology of Campus Radio Landscapes: Place, Design, and Resiliency in Canada (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Burman, J, and S. Tsenkova, 2016. “Connecting an Urban Mosaic: Open Spaces and Sustainable Places of Belgrade,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the CROSS-AMERICAS: Probing Disglobal Networks 2016 Conference Proceedings, Santiago, Chile (refereed).

Burman, J, and B.R. Sinclair, 2015. “Evaluative place-making of the Arts and Craft Movement: a sustainability framework,” Architectural Research Centers Consortium 2015 Conference Proceedings: Future of Architectural Research. Chicago, IL (refereed) conference website