MemberBradley Irish

Bradley J. Irish studies the literature and culture of sixteenth-century England, with a particular focus on the history of emotion.  His first book — Emotion in the Tudor Court: Literature, History, and Early Modern Feeling — draws on literary analysis, archival research, and cross-disciplinary scholarship in the sciences and humanities to interrogate the socioliterary operation of emotion in the Tudor courtly sphere. His research interests include: Tudor political and cultural history; emotions in early modern culture; Henrician literature and culture; Renaissance poetry, especially Wyatt, Surrey, Sidney, and Spenser; the Elizabethan courtier poets; Renaissance drama, including Shakespeare; the revenge tragedy tradition; the stoic tradition in Renaissance literature; early modern manuscript culture; paleography and archival research.  

MemberCraig Lambert

…navigation (1577). Grant reference: AH/L004062/1 
You can see the fruits of the research here:…

I am a historian whose primary research focus is on naval logistics during the hundred years war and English merchant shipping and coastal communities over c.1300-c.1600. While by trade an historian, from 2009 to 2011 I was appointed Senior Researcher for National Lottery funded project that examined community responses to the use of restorative justice. My research centres on three key areas:

  • Late medieval naval operations and logistics
  • Medieval and Tudor maritime communities
  • Late medieval and Tudor merchant shipping


MemberGavin Schwartz-Leeper

Gavin Schwartz-Leeper is a transdisciplinary researcher and higher education specialist with interests in aspects of representation and perception from the sixteenth century to the modern day. He has published and taught on a range of topics, including Renaissance politics, religion, and literature; historiography and genre; and liberal education pedagogies. Gavin has held fellowships at the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Early Modern Studies, the University of Warwick’s Centre for the Study of the Renaissance and Humanities Research Centre, the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, the Newberry Library, the Johns Hopkins University, and from the European Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECOLAS). Gavin’s first book (From Princes to Pages: The Literary Lives of Cardinal Wolsey, Tudor England’s ‘Other King’) was published in 2016 by Brill. He is currently working on his second monograph, The Art of Richard Grafton: The Cultural Networks of a Mid-Tudor Printer (Brill, 2019).

MemberCristina León Alfar

I am Professor of Shakespeare, late 16th and early 17th century English Drama, and Women’s and Gender studies at Hunter College, CUNY.  My most recent book is Women and Shakespeare’s Cuckoldry Plays:  Shifting Narratives of Marital Betrayal, Routledge, 2017.  I am also an Editor, with Helen Ostovich, of the series “Late Tudor and Stuart Drama: Gender, Performance, and Material Culture,” for Medieval Institute Publications. My research and teaching interests include, Shakespeare, Early Modern English drama, gender studies, sexuality, political history, history of women, marriage law, parrhesia, feminist ethics. she/her/hers

MemberHilary Jane Locke

I’m a recent Masters graduate, living in Sydney. My Master of Philosophy degree focused on the presence of chivalry and courtly love in the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. And I wish to undertake a PhD, starting in 2019, exploring the relationship between historical fiction and the public’s perceptions of history.  I have taught courses on medieval and early modern religious history as well as revolutions in history. My research interests are Tudor England, medievalism, and historical popular culture and their depictions of the past.

MemberHope Walker

is an Art Historian and full-time Instructor at Western Governors University in the Humanities Department. Her research interest is Netherlandish painters and other emigre crafts-persons living in Tudor England. She has an MA in the History of Art from American University and an MPhil in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute. Prior to her career in art history and academia, Hope worked in documentary television and the non-profit sector. 

MemberMichelle M. Dowd

I am the Hudson Strode Professor of English and Director of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at the University of Alabama.   I specialize in early modern literature, with concentrations in Tudor and Stuart drama, Shakespeare, and early modern women’s writing.  My additional teaching and research interests include early modern theater culture, dramatic genres, feminist theory and gender studies, economic criticism, and early modern religious culture.