MemberAzadeh Safaeian

…Located at the intersection of critical trauma theory and disability studies, my doctorate dissertation, “Toward a Minor Theory of Trauma: Literature and Cinema of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-Present),” attends to the discursive and non-dis…

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literary Studies at Northwestern University. My research and teaching interests include trauma and disability studies, postcolonial environmental humanities, animal studies, care studies, and film theory.

MemberCharlotte Lilith Magdalene

My research is currently concerned with how ritual and trauma inform each other in the lives of adults, specifically those engaged with BDSM communities. I am interested in how adults who have experienced trauma may begin to integrate this into parts of their lives beyond clinical therapy, utilising creative spaces to explore traumatic themes. Interaction ritual theory is central to my interpretation of the dynamics I research, as is exploring the unique chronologies which (dis)organise traumatic memories. I believe that trauma and BDSM can be studied in conjunction with each other without further pathologising this already marginalised community. BDSM has been chosen as a site of inquiry not because participants are typically traumatised; they are not. Rather, because BDSM communities strive to foster cultures of informed consent, crystalline communication, freedom of expression, and empathy, qualities which contribute to a solid environment within which to explore interaction rituals and trauma. I favour queer and crip approaches within my work.