MemberAnna Strowe

…BA (Italian Language and Literature) Smith College, 2003

MA (Translation Studies) University of Warwick, 2006

MA (Comparative Literature) University of Massachusetts, 2010

PhD (Comparative Literature) University of Massachusetts, 2014…
…“‘This show does not represent the views of the artists’: Translation, non-translation, activism, and access in the Homeland graffiti hack.” 2017. Translation Studies. 10.1: 22-37.

“Power and Conflict.” 2015. In Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies. Ed. Brian Baer and Claudia Angelelli. London: Routledge, 118-130.

“No Language Requirement: Translation Theory in a General Education Context.” 2014. (Co-author Shannon Farley.) Translation Review 89.1: 15-34.

“Translation and Power.” 2013. Handbook of Translation Studies. Ed. Yves Gambier and Luc von Doorslaer. Vol. 4. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 134-41.

“The Auctour, the Translatoure, and the Impressoure: Translating Boccaccio’s Authorship in Early …

Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Manchester since 2014, researcher in translation studies and on a peculiar variety of texts.

MemberJennifer Lau

…“Thinking through Space: Toronto’s Chinatowns in Chinese Canadian Fiction” Facing China as a New Global Superpower: Domestic and International Dynamics from a Multidisciplinary Angle. Singapore: Springer, 2015. 241-252. “Unsuspected Introductions in Translated Texts: A Case Study on Wu Zhuoliu’s Orphan of Asia” Journal of Translation Studies. 14 (2011): 1-16….

Chinese Textual Culture, Asian Canadian Diasporas, Space in Image and Text, Translation Studies