MemberMark Stewart

…Society of Cinema and Media Studies¬†(SCMS). SIG Membership: Fan and Audience Studies, Television Studies, Media Industries.

European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS).

Global Internet Television Consortium….
…Assistant Professor, Television Studies…

I am currently completing a two year contract as an Assistant Professor of Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam. My research work is usually found at the intersection of television studies, fan and audience studies, and media industries. My teaching includes those areas, and is extended to digital cultures, game studies, 21C convergent television cultures, global media cultures, and broader teaching within cultural studies and film and media studies. I currently have a monograph under contract with Amsterdam University Press’ Transmedia series looking at the shifts in television in the 21C from a holistic perspective, looking at industries, creatives, audiences and texts.

MemberJacinta Yanders

Jacinta Yanders is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English who primarily researches representations of race, gender, and sexuality in media as well as contemporary media trends. She is currently working on her dissertation, which examines the narrative impact and audience reception of television reimaginings in which a character’s race, gender, and/or sexuality was changed from the original text. Jacinta has presented her research at conferences, such as the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association National Conference and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. Topics for these presentations include, but are not limited to, racial diversity on television, the effects of binge watching, the varied media representations of Snow White, and feminized cult TV. With an undergraduate degree in English Education, Jacinta previously taught English/language arts at the middle and high school levels. At the college level, Jacinta has taught various classes as the instructor of record which cover subjects such as composition, film studies, television studies, and digital media.

MemberRocío Quispe-Agnoli

A native from Per√ļ, Roc√≠o Quispe-Agnoli is Professor of ¬†Hispanic Studies with a specialization in Colonial Latin American Literatures and Cultures¬†in the¬†Department of Romance and Classical Studies¬†at Michigan State University (MSU). She is a core¬†faculty member for¬†the¬†Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies¬†and the¬†Center for Gender Studies in a Global Context. She is also affiliated faculty in the¬†American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program¬†and the Program of¬†Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities. Her research interests¬†include issues of¬†race, ethnicity, and identity, women‚Äôs and gender studies, visual studies and circulation of images among different media, Indigenous photographers, reflections on coloniality, and television and telenovela studies. Roc√≠o Quispe-Agnoli is also a creative writer and has published a¬†book of short stories. Her short fiction has earned¬†her several awards. She is also an¬†amateur photographer and won the¬†2011 MSU Global Focus Competition-People‚Äôs Choice Award. Every four years, she avidly follows the Soccer World Cup. Areas of interest: Colonial Latin American Studies, Interdisciplinary studies, Digital Humanities, Digital Pedagogy, Visual Studies, Television Studies, Studies of Dispersion and Randomness-Postmodern condition, Postcolonial Studies and Studies of Subalternity, Indigeneity, Gender, Oral/Written, Identity and Otherness.