MemberLaura Hernández Lorenzo

Laura Hernández Lorenzo is postdoctoral researcher in Digital Humanities at POSTDATA project. Her PhD, titled “Los textos poéticos de Fernando de Herrera: aproximaciones desde la Estilística de corpus y la Estilometría” -that is, “The Poetic Works by Fernando de Herrera: Corpus Stylistics and Stylometry approaches”-, focuses on Fernando de Herrera’s poetry using methodologies from Philology and Textual Criticism as well as Digital Humanities, specially Computational Stylistics and Stylometry. She has participated in diverse conferences on Digital Humanities, Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Stylistics in Europe. In addition, she does some research on Gender Studies and has focused on nineteenth century adultery novel and the works by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

MemberAlison Gibbons

…Reader In Contemporary Stylistics…

Alison Gibbons is Reader in Contemporary Stylistics at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She is the author of Multimodality, Cognition, and Experimental Literature (Routledge, 2012), and co-editor of Mark Z. Danielewski (Manchester University Press, 2011), the Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature (Routledge 2012), Metamodernism: Historicity, Affect, and Depth after Postmodernism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017) and Pronouns in Literature: Positions and Perspectives in Language (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). She has also published widely in international peer-reviewed journals, including: Ariel, Contemporary Literature, Metaphor in the Social World, Narrative, and Textual Practice. Her research consistently takes a stylistic approach to innovative contemporary narratives, including empirical reception research, and is currently focused on metamodernism, autofiction, and Arab Spring fiction.

MemberBilly Clark

My teaching and research interests cover a broad range of language and linguistics-related topics. My research interests are all connected in some way with linguistic meaning (linguistic semantics and pragmatics), usually within the framework of relevance theory. I have a particular interest in how meanings are created and negotiated in specific contexts. I’m currently working on research in three areas: prosodic meaning, stylistics and the inferential processes involved in writing.

MemberTaryn Hakala

I serve as a member of the Modern Language Association’s Delegate Assembly, representing the Language Change Forum. My research interests lie at the intersection of language and literature. I am particularly interested in the linguistic performance of social identity and the ways in which stylistic variation is represented in literature. I am currently finishing my first book, Dialect Acts: Identity Performance on the Victorian Page and Stage.

MemberCath Kennedy

Funded PhD scholar looking into children’s biblical reception and what it tells us about the state of religion. Currently focussing on Godly Play in the broad context of Christian children’s work using archives, real reader methods, discourse analysis and a splash of stylistics. Also currently joint general editor of trackchanges and co-ordinator for the Sacred Texts Child Readers research project.