MemberSantiago Gualchi

…Member of Group of Statistics for the Study of Language

Member of Group of Computational Linguistics…

I study Linguistics at the University of Buenos Aires. I’m currently attending my last semester but I’m also teaching Grammar to new students. I’m part of a funded Statistics research group and a Computational Linguistics study group. My main research topic at the time is inflectional morphology acquisition; I’m trying to assess how well formal theories of morphological competence explain the behaviour observed in children during the process of language acquisition. To do this, I combine corpus studies with computational simulation and statistical modelling. In my spare time, I like to grab my bike and go for a ride.

MemberJoshua Abah ABAH

…urdi, Nigeria          2017 – DATE
2. M.ED MATHEMATICS EDUCATION – University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria                               2017
3. B.SC.(ED.) STATISTICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE – University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria           2008…

JOSHUA ABAH ABAH is a researcher and an erudite scholar in Mathematics Education at the Department of Mathematics Education, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria. His Research interests are in Mathematics Education, Instructional Design, Statistical Computing, Ethnomathematics, and Technology of Mathematics Education. He is presently working on the deployment of culture-based technological solutions in the teaching and learning of mathematics. He believes that a good blend of digital technology and ethnomathematics enriches mathematics education in general.

MemberEmmanuel Mkpojiogu

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Computer Science with First Class Honors from the University of Nigeria. He also graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with a Master of Science degree in Information Technology with Distinction (majoring in Software Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction). Presently, he lectures at Veritas University Abuja (The Catholic University of Nigeria), Abuja, Nigeria. He also has several academic articles in reputable international journals.

MemberChristian Reinboth

I am a computer and environmental scientist currently working as a research funding manager at Harz University of Applied Sciences in Wernigerode, Germany, where I am also teaching Statistics as an associate lecturer. Beyond that, I am a senior photonics researcher at HarzOptics GmbH, a research institute affiliated with Harz University. Ich bin Wirtschaftsinformatiker und Umweltwissenschaftler und arbeite seit vielen Jahren als Referent für Projektförderung an der Hochschule Harz in Wernigerode/Halberstadt, wo ich auch als Lehrbeauftragter für Statistik tätig bin. Darüber hinaus bin ich Mit-Gründer und Prokurist der HarzOptics GmbH, einem An-Institut der Hochschule Harz.

MemberDr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Rahman has completed his MBA (2010) and BBA (2008) degrees from a reputed public university named Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. In 2019, he also completed his PhD degree from a research based public university named Universiti Putra Malaysia. Currently, he is working as an academician in department of business administration at Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The research interest areas of Rahman are management, Organisational Behaviour (OB), Human Resource Management (HRM), strategic management, Total Quality Management (TQM), higher education systems and Information technology. Rahman is usually more focusing in quantitative techniques using three main statistical software which are SPSS, CB-SEM and PLS-SEM.