MemberTiago Castela

Tiago Castela is a researcher in architecture and spatial planning, as well as an architect. He teaches and does research on the theory and history of the political dimension of architecture and spatial planning, with a focus on Portugal and southern Africa in the Twentieth Century. In Fall 2011 he completed a PhD in Architecture, in the History of Architecture and Urbanism program, at the University of California, Berkeley. His outside fields of study were Urban Geography and Global Planning Knowledge.

MemberMaria Jose Afanador-Llach

Maria José Afanador Llach is an assistant professor in digital humanities at the School of Arts and Humanities, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). He earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in history from the University of Texas at Austin. Maria José studies the 18th century and the transition between colony and republic in northern South America through the lens of spatial practices, geographic imagination, and political economy. She also investigates the construction of collaborative communities in digital humanities projects, the creation of digital cartographic narratives, and the construction of spatial data sets for research in history. She is editor of The Programming Historian en español.