MemberSuzanne Newcombe

I joined the Open University as a Lecturer in late 2016 and have helped with the production of A227: Exploring Religion, chaired A332: Why is Religion Controversial? and am writing course materials for A111: Discovering the Arts and Humanities. I also have extensive experience in Sociology of Religion specializing in new and minority religious movements in contemporary Britain. I have a specialty in movements originating in, or inspired by South Asian religious beliefs and the overlaps between religious beliefs and health care practices. I also have a long-term interest in millenarianism and apocalyptic groups and conducted in-depth research at Inform concerning millennial expectations of 2012.

MemberNarasimhananda Swami

…sophy—A Syncretic Understanding of Experiential Transcendence of Post-Structuralist Globalisation, National Seminar on ‘Globalization, Environment and Women: Understanding the Linkage’, Department of Commerce, Swami Vivekanand Government P G College, Lohaghat, Uttarakhand, 12–13 March 2016.
10.  A Non-Philosophical Approach to the Sociology of Religious Pluralism, UK-BRIC International Conference on the Sociology of Religion in a Pluralistic Society organized by Jadavpur University in collaboration with Lancaster University, UK at the Centre for Study of Religion and Society, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, 7–9 April 2016.
11.  Values-based Education: Challenges in Implementation and Designing the Curriculum, National Seminar on ‘Indian Education System and Human Values: Understanding the Rela…

Name                                                                   : Swami Narasimhananda Specialisation:  Indian Studies, Indian Philosophy, Sociology of Religion, Translation Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy of Religion. Present Address                                          : Advaita Ashrama PO Mayavati, Via Lohaghat Dt Champawat, Uttarakhand India. Pincode 262524 Mobile: 9330526514 Email: Present Work: Monk of Ramakrishna Order since May 1997. Editor of the journal Prabuddha Bharata or The Awakened India since August 2014. Languages Known (Expert Knowledge): English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bengali  Other Current Involvements: Visiting Faculty, Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University. Editor, H-Celebration on H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online. Member, Editorial Board, Reading Religion. Member, International, Interdisciplinary and Interreligious Research Group on ‘Consciousness Studies’, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Roma, Italy. Member, American Academy of Religion (AAR).

MemberRandall Reed

…Ph.D. University of Chicago, Divinity School, (Psychology and Sociology of Religion)

M.A. Claremont Graduate University, Religion (emph. New Testament)

B.A. California State University Northridge, Religious Studies…

I am currently working on a project attempting to teach Humanities majors to use technology to answer Religious Studies questions. I am also co-chair of the Emerging Church, Millennials and Religion Research Seminar at AAR

MemberAdrian Hermann

I am Full Professor of Religion and Society and Director of the Department of Religion Studies at Forum Internationale Wissenschaft of the University of Bonn, Germany. My work focuses on Method and Theory in the Study of Religion, Documentary Film, Global Christianity (especially in the Philippines), Buddhist Modernism, and the Religious History of the Globalized World. From 2002–2011 I studied Comparative Religion, Drama Studies, Sociology, and North American Literature in Munich, Bielefeld, and Basel. I received a PhD from the University of Basel, Switzerland based on a dissertation titled “Distinctions of Religion – Analyses of the modern discourse on ‘religion’ in world society and the problem of the differentiation of ‘religion’ in 19th and early 20th century Buddhist contexts”. In 2014/15 I was a Visiting Scholar at Utrecht University and Stanford University. From 2015–2017 I was Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and World Christianity at the University of Hamburg.

MemberMatthew Boxer

American Association for Public Opinion Research
American Sociological Association
Association for Israel Studies
Association for Jewish Studies
Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry
Association for the Sociology of Religion
Eastern Sociological Society
Network for Research in Jewish Education
Society for Research on Adolescence
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
World Union of Jewish Studies

Matthew Boxer is an Assistant Research Professor at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, the Steinhardt Social Research Institute, and the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program, all at Brandeis University. His research varies widely and includes socio-demographic research on the Jewish community in the United States, social psychological processes of Jewish identity development, Jewish young adults’ volunteer habits and preferences, Israel studies on college campuses in the United States and Canada, and the impact of formal and informal Jewish educational experiences on Jewish identity. Matt currently serves as the treasurer of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry and is a member of the National Advisory Board of the Center for Small Town Jewish Life at Colby College.

MemberKathleen Foody

My research focuses on religious studies, secularism, modern Islam, liberal Muslims, and liberal non-Muslims thinking about Muslims. I’ve published on Twentieth Century Muslim intellectuals in Iran, as well as media and Islamophobia, and “post-secular” pedagogies on US university campuses. My current book project examines a series of international attempts to stage Islam for liberal publics. I am on sabbatical 2018-2019. When I’m back on campus I’ll be teaching about Islam, Religion & Law, Postcolonial / Decolonial Studies, and hopefully some new things that I’ll think up in the meantime (a course on the Jinn? I’d love a course on the Jinn….)

MemberZachary Smith

Zach is a PhD student and graduate teaching associate in Sport Studies at the University of Tennessee. Before Tennessee, he completed an MA in Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University. His academic interests revolve primarily around religion and physical cultures in the US, and he is a research assistant at the Center for the Study of Sport and Religion at the University of Tennessee. His dissertation is an ethnographic study of Christian mixed martial arts.

MemberJodi Eichler-Levine

…American Academy of Religion

Modern Language Association

Association for Jewish Studies

Association for the Sociology of Religion…

Jodi Eichler-Levine is an associate professor of Religion Studies and serves as the Berman Professor of Jewish Civilization at Lehigh University and Director of American Studies. Her work is located at the intersection of Jewish studies, religion in North America, literature, material culture, and gender studies. She holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Columbia University and a B.A. in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. Before coming to Lehigh, she spent eight years as a professor of Religious Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Professor Eichler-Levine is the author of Suffer the Little Children: Uses of the Past in Jewish and African American Children’s Literature (NYU Press, 2013), which was reissued in paperback in 2015. In this work, she analyzes what is at stake in portraying religious history for young people, particularly when the histories in question are traumatic ones. Her publications have also appeared in American Quarterly, Shofar, and other journals.  Additionally, she has written for Religion DispatchesTikkunReligion in American History (where her work was also featured), and the Christian Century Then and Now blog. As an affiliate of the Berman Center for Jewish Studies and a member of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies core faculty, Dr. Eichler-Levine’s teaching encompasses a wide range of topics, including Jewish comics and graphic novels, religion and food; religious children’s literature; modern Jews; Jews, gender and sexuality; and religion, sci-fi, and fantasy. On the national level, has previously served as co-chair of  co-chair of the Association for Jewish Studies Women’s Caucus  and of the  American Academy of Religion’s Religion, Memory, History Group. Future projects include a book length work on Jewish women, material culture, politics, and performance, currently titled Crafting Judaism: American Jewish Women and Creativity. Professor Eichler-Levine also continues to write on Jewish children’s literature and on race, ethnicity, and religion in the United States. When she is not wearing her professional hats, Professor Eichler-Levine enjoys knitting, sci-fi and fantasy series (all-time favorite: Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the Boston Red Sox, and the Green Bay Packers. She lives in the Lehigh Valley with her husband and daughter.