MemberAdam C Schembri


Schembri, A., Cormier, K., Fenlon, J. & Johnston, T. (forthcoming) An introduction to sign language linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Schembri, A. & Lucas, C. (Eds.), (2015). Sociolinguistics and Deaf communities.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Johnston, T. & Schembri, A. (2007). Australian Sign Language (Auslan): An introduction to sign language linguistics.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Hodge, G., Sekine, K., Schembri, A. & Johnston, T. (accepted). Comparing signers and speakers: Building a directly comparable co…

Adam Schembri is Reader in Linguistics in the Department of English Language & Linguistics at the University of Birmingham, UK. He completed a PhD in linguistics at the University of Sydney in 2002, worked at the University of Bristol 2000-2002, at the University of Newcastle (Australia) 2003-2005, and at the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre at University College London during 2006-2010, where he initiated the British Sign Language Corpus Project ( His research and teaching experience has encompassed a number of areas in sign language linguistics, including work on aspects of the lexicon, grammar and sociolinguistics of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and British Sign Language. He is the co-author (with Trevor Johnston) of ‘Australian Sign Language (Auslan): An introduction to sign language linguistics’, and co-editor with Ceil Lucas of ‘Sociolinguistics and Deaf Communities’, both published by Cambridge University Press.