Psicología social, o ciencia social, o filosofía social, o antropología filosófica. Fenonemonología, idealismo, construccionismo, pensamiento postmoderno. Poesía, Borges. Lingüística, semiótica, sintaxis, filosofía del lenguaje. O todo ello mezclado, porque todo ello es un lío enorme, en el que, a veces, se escuchan sutiles armonías.

MemberMegan Meredith-Lobay

Megan Meredith-Lobay is the digital humanities and social sciences analyst for ARC at UBC. In addition, Megan serves on the Compute Canada Humanities and Social Sciences National Team as well as the Software Carpentry National Team. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Archaeology where she used a variety of computing resources to investigate ritual landscapes in Late Iron Age/Early Medieval Scotland.  Megan worked at the University of Alberta where she supported research computing for the Faculty of Arts, and at the University of Oxford where she was the programme coordinator for Digital Social Research, an Economic and Social Research Council project to promote advanced ICT in Social Science research.

MemberDavid Orta

My areas of interest include anti-Latinx discrimination in education, Latina/o social and personal identities, and institutional inequality across race, class, gender, and migration status. I approach my teaching from a feminist and anti-racist social justice perspectives. As a comprehensive advocate of inclusion and social equality, I am passionate about mentorship and service. 

MemberAnders Christoffer Haugen

Anders Christoffer Haugen is a social scientist with a master of science in education and upbringing. His research interests include educational theory, moral education, and social pedagogy. With a strong commitment to educational opportunities that may help people live a good life and in peace with each other, he has a special focus on educational theory that is founded upon a social and virtuous vision; including classical educational theory, and  Judeo-Christian educational theory. Anders Christoffer has further a strong commitment to the educational responsibility in prevention of child abuse and neglect.

MemberJames Gritton

Until December 2015, I was Deputy Head of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling at the University of Greenwich but taught leadership and management in health and social care. Prior to that I taught at the Open University Business School, co-directed a leadership development consultancy, and before that was a senior manager in the National Probation Service. I have now taken early retirement in order to pursue a range of research interests and studies, including an MLitt in Viking Studies and an EdD. Academically, I am an eclectic with interests that span both social sciences and the humanities.

MemberChey Davis

I am a returning student in Social Work (MSW). I am working to transition out of being an Associate Professor of English at Delta College where I teach marginalizations  and social problems through the lens of language and power and the power of language. My newest research interests are data visualizations for the benefit of improving Mental Health outcomes for marginalized people, narrative life histories as therapeutic intervention, social work education and social justice work, and adventure, experience and outdoor therapy modalities. As such, I am doing everything I can to become more adept at navigating and impacting digital spaces.