MemberMegan Meredith-Lobay

…Humanities and Social Sciences Research Analyst, Advanced Research Computing…
…eries of Scotland”. Archaeological Review from Cambridge, Vol. 20.1, pp. 97-110

Open Data Sets and Reports

Barsky, Eugene; Farrar, Paula ;  Meredith-Lobay, Megan; Mitchell, Marjorie ; Naslund, Jo Anne ; Sylka, Christina , (2017), “UBC Research Data Management Survey: Humanities and Social Sciences”, V2 [Version]

Megan Meredith-Lobay is the digital humanities and social sciences analyst for ARC at UBC. In addition, Megan serves on the Compute Canada Humanities and Social Sciences National Team as well as the Software Carpentry National Team. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Archaeology where she used a variety of computing resources to investigate ritual landscapes in Late Iron Age/Early Medieval Scotland.  Megan worked at the University of Alberta where she supported research computing for the Faculty of Arts, and at the University of Oxford where she was the programme coordinator for Digital Social Research, an Economic and Social Research Council project to promote advanced ICT in Social Science research.

MemberHarri Heinilä

…Doctor Of Social Sciences, Political History (Independent Researcher)…
…Doctor of Social Sciences, political history, the University of Helsinki, 2016….

Doctor of Social Sciences, political history, the University of Helsinki. Jazz dance historian and researcher, in particular, in the context of jazz dance and Harlem, New York. The former Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki. 

MemberÉdgar Giovanni Rodríguez Cuberos

Researcher, essayist, consultant and academic contratist in the areas of Pedagogy, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. This interdisciplinary profile has allowed me to assume different roles in actions aimed at the design, planning, development, teaching, evaluation and monitoring of research and development projects with an educational and scientific nature and purpose.