DepositHUMN 3220: Political & Social History of Music

An introduction to music appreciation and history that emphasizes the political, cultural, and social influences on music from antiquity to the 20th century. Contents include sacred and secular, vocal and instrumental, and folk and art music from across the Western world, including modern popular song. No previous musical experience necessary. All course materials, including textbooks, are included.

MemberNicholas Karn

My work relates to two principal themes or research interests. I work on the history of English law in the central middle ages, and have published and spoken on the cultural and social history of law, as well as one specific legal texts. I also work on the cultural and social history of religion, and have worked on both Benedictine monasticism and the work and impact of the episcopate.

MemberWilko Graf von Hardenberg

My main disciplinary affiliation is environmental history, but I could also be termed a social historian, a historical geographer, or a digital humanist. My most recent research activities focus on the social history of the environment and on the history of science. In particular, I look at conflicts about rights to access resources, the history of nature conservation, and the development of the concept of mean sea level.