MemberArnold Berleant

M.A., Eastman School of Music, 1955.  Major:  music theory; major instrument:  piano.  Thesis:  “The Fugue in the Orchestral Works of Bartók”
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1962.  Major:  philosophy.  Dissertation:  “Logic and Social Doctrine:  Dewey’s Methodological Approach to Social Philosophy.”  Advisor:  Dr. Marvin Farber…

Arnold Berleant is Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus) at Long Island University (USA) and the founding editor of the on-line journal, Contemporary Aesthetics.  He is the author of numerous articles, as well as eight books and three edited volumes. Berleant’s work ranges over aesthetics, especially environmental aesthetics, the arts, ethics, and social philosophy.  He has lectured widely, both nationally and internationally, and has been active in many professional organizations including the International Association of Aesthetics of which he is a founding member and Past President.

MemberShelley Tremain

I am disabled feminist philosopher of disability. I specialize in feminist philosophy of disability, Foucault, social and political philosophy, and biopolitics. I am the author of Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability (University of Michigan Press, 2017) and the editor of Foucault and the Government of Disability (University of Michigan Press, 2005, 2015). I am a coordinator of and blogger at Discrimination and Disadvantage, a philosophy blog that highlights issues and concerns about discrimination, exclusion, and underrepresentation in philosophy, where I post Dialogues on Disability, the very popular series of interviews that I am conducting with disabled philosophers.  

MemberYi Wu

Yi is a continental philosopher whose work intersects with world literature and global history. Her research re-interprets the terra-centric western history of philosophy from the perspective of the maritime. By holding up the sea as mirror to western philosophy understood as a form of historicity and coloniality, Yi works toward a hermeneutic method of re-writing the history of philosophy from a non-western and feminist perspective, as a genealogy and archeology of the diluvial. Yi holds a Ph.D. from the New School for Social Research and an M.Phil. from the University of Hong Kong, both in philosophy. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Society of Fellows, Dartmouth College, where she is also a research associate in the Comparative Literature Program. 

MemberLajos Brons

…l communication (and why). [Keywords: misinterpretation, conceptual schemes, othering, the principle of charity, philosophy of anthropology (and other social sciences) methodology of comparative philosophy, etcetera.]

theme 2 — ethics of suffering and compassion
(Wherein “ethics” is to be understood broadly and includes social philosophy.)
❧ sub-theme 2a: Meta-ethics and normative ethics. Building on (and extending) sub-theme 1a (see above), sub-theme 2a focuses on questions of moral epistemology and moral metaphysics mainly. [Keywords: justification of moral beliefs, the metaphysics of acts and rules, the metaphysics and epistemology of consequences,…

My philosophical interests are divided over two broad areas. One is in the overlap of (meta-) ethics and social/political philosophy; the other is in the intersection of philosophy of language, metaphysics, and epistemology. Much (but not all) of my work is most closely affiliated with the analytic tradition both in style and content, and much of it is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Donald Davidson and W.V.O. Quine, but I am also interested in (parts of) Indian, Chinese, and continental philosophy. Before I became a “philosopher” I was an economic geographer. I gradually moved from one discipline to the other, but I remain interested in geography, heterodox economics, and in the other social sciences as well. For further information about my research themes, see my personal homepage.