MemberSaffo Papantonopoulou

My research is focused on transgender women’s sexuality and the sexualization of transgender women’s bodies in northern Greece, particularly the city of Thessaloniki. For my dissertation research I will be drawing from the field of “Middle Eastern Sexuality Studies” to situate Greece, and the Balkans, within the larger field of “Islamicate” sexuality and problematize the geographic imaginaries of regional and area studies, in order to use “Middle Eastern Sexuality Studies” as a framework for conceptualizing the racialized, classed and temporalized hierarchies surrounding the sexualization of transgender bodies in Greece and concepts of sexual modernity.

MemberGladys Nubla

Gladys Nubla is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies (IDAAS) at Pitzer College, where she teaches literature, feminist/gender/sexuality studies, popular culture, and theories and research methods. Her book manuscript in progress, titled Children of Empire: Narratives of Sexuality and Human Rights in Filipinx/American Contact Zones, examines the figure of the sexualized native child across cultural and activist arenas, tracing the presence of the colonial past in Filipinx American and Philippine narratives of sexual awakening and sexual violation and in the institutional avenues for redress.

MemberStevie Scheurich

I am a PhD student in American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University. I am also a graduate teaching associate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I have a BA in sociology and anthropology and an MA in gender studies, and my research interests include queer theory, feminist philosophy, ethics, identity narratives and performances, and the intersection and interplay of spiritual, sexual, and national identities with a specific focus on the digital communities of objectum sexuals and queer secular witches.