MemberJuli Gittinger

…or Global South Studies (AGSS). Marrakesh, Morocco. December 2017.
Personhood in HBO’s Westworld. American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Conference. Boston, MA. November 2017.
Secularism, plurality, and majority: “Religious freedom” in India. SECSOR (Southeast regional AAR), Raleigh, NC. March 2017.
Dalit suicides and post-colonial hangovers. British Commonwea…

Areas: Contemporary Hinduism and Islam Research interests: Nationalism, Religion and Media, Religion in Popular Culture, Secularism, Gender

MemberBeatrice Marovich

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Theology at Hanover College, in southern Indiana. My research is concerned with the intellectual history of Christianity, and the secular afterlives of theological concepts. I am interested in both the erasures and the endurances of the theological within secular frames of thought. And I am especially interested in how these traces of the theological have influenced the way we think about the natural world, other creatures, our mortal bodies (and their eventual destinies). My current book project, Creature Feeling: Power and Affect in Creaturely Life examines the figure of the creature in theological, and extra-theological, texts.

MemberOksana Nesterenko

I am a music historian specializing in the late 20th century music, with a current research focus on the late Soviet Union, religion, spirituality and secularity. My research interests are guided by a broad question of what inspires contemporary composers, in particular, the influence of spiritual or philosophical beliefs on their music and its reception.

MemberKathleen Foody

My research focuses on religious studies, secularism, modern Islam, liberal Muslims, and liberal non-Muslims thinking about Muslims. I’ve published on Twentieth Century Muslim intellectuals in Iran, as well as media and Islamophobia, and “post-secular” pedagogies on US university campuses. My current book project examines a series of international attempts to stage Islam for liberal publics. I am on sabbatical 2018-2019. When I’m back on campus I’ll be teaching about Islam, Religion & Law, Postcolonial / Decolonial Studies, and hopefully some new things that I’ll think up in the meantime (a course on the Jinn? I’d love a course on the Jinn….)

MemberStefan Fisher-Høyrem

I am a researcher on the project Cultural Conflict 2.0 which is headed by Professor David Herbert. The project investigates the development of cultural conflicts, as well as production and reproduction of social order, via social media, collective rituals, city promotion and planning, etc. in different cities in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. My research interests are located at the intersection of modern social and technological history, historiography and theory of history, and secularity studies and political theology. As a historian of modernity, I am interested in the material technological/performative mediation of “modern” concepts of temporality, autonomy, and immanence. I have taught modules in the theory of history, religious studies, culture and communication, worldview pluralism, and philosophy of science. I have lectured on rhetoric, nineteenth-century British history, and theories of secularity and secularisation.