MemberA. Bowdoin Van Riper

In my “day job” I work for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum as a librarian, journal editor, and public historian . . . helping to introduce visitors (both on-site and virtual) to the history and culture of a hundred-square-mile island off the southern coast of New England. In the wider academic world, I’m a historian who’s interested in the intersections of science and technology with society and culture, who originally worked on the history of geology and archaeology and is probably best known these days for writing about images of science and technology in popular culture, particularly film and television.

MemberKultura Popularna

Popular Culture (Kultura Popularna) is a Polish peer-reviewed academic quarterly, published by the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The editor in chief is Professor Wiesław Godzic. Kultura Popularna focuses on a wide array of cultural phenomena and the core of articles is connected with cultural studies. Still its profile is transdisciplinary, and it’s open to the papers of anthropologists, sociologists and historians among others. The journal was established in 2002, since 2012 it’s been available online in Public Access model. Articles are mostly published in Polish with English abstracts. There are also English editions.

MemberAshley Roach

Literature, Literary Theory, Literary Criticism, John Milton, Feminist Theory, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Brontë, Mary Wollstonecraft, Seventeenth Century English Literature, Seventeenth Century, Seventeenth and eighteenth-century women writers, women moral philosophers, Regency England, Eighteenth-Century literature, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Literature, British Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture, Nineteenth Century Studies, Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture, Oscar Wilde, Lucy Hutchinson, Postmodern Literary Theory and Popular Culture, George Eliot, Queer Theory, Feminist theory and Gender Studies, Queer theory, Sexuality, postructuralist theory, Media, Popular culture, Film, Literature, Postmodern Literature, Rape in Literature, Female Writers and Milton, 17th Century British (Literature), 18th Century Gender Identity, Gender Studies, Feminism, Gothic Literature, Shelley Circle, Authorship and Identity, Frankenstein, English Romanticism, 18th Century British Literature, Modern Fashion and Historical Silhouettes, Alexander McQueen, Perceptions and reflections of mental illness in western society as indicated in literature, Science and Romanticism, and Digital archiving, electronic literacy and the expanding intellectual discourse across classes