DepositGorbatschow. 90 Jahre und kein bischen närrisch – 2nd corr. and enl. edition

Gorbatschow – 2nd ed.(with bibliography) – 90 Jahre und kein bischen närrisch. Schreib-Übung zu einer arte-ARD-Doku. – German, English, Russian -x- Anhang: – M.S. Gorbatschow: Perestroika and New Thinking. A Retrospective; 2./9. August 2021 – M.S. Gorbatschow: Rede, Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, München, 10.12.2011 – Buike – Chasbulatow – Ru(c)skoi : Die Russen wussten, daß Jelzin CIA-gesteuert war – andere / others

DepositGorbatschow. 90 Jahre und kein bischen närrisch. Schreibübung zu einer arte-ARD-Doku

BBWV E34 Gorbatschow. 90 Jahre und kein bischen närrisch – Schreib-Übung zu einer arte-ARD-Doku. Anhang:- M.S. Gorbatschow: Perestroika and New Thinking. A Retrospective; 2./9. August 2021- M.S. Gorbatschow: Rede, Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, München, 10.12.2011- Buike – Chasbulatow – Ru(c)skoi : Die Russen wussten, daß Jelzin CIA-gesteuert war – andere – Neuss: Bruno Buike 2021, 177 p – German – Russian – English

DepositWatching Chekhov in Tehran: From Superfluous Men to Female Revolutionaries (Comparative Drama, 2021)

In the summer of 2011, an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov (1887) debuted on the Iranian stage. The director and playwright Amir-Reza Koohestani (b. 1978) created a production that was faithful to the classic status of this text while also maximizing its resonance with a contemporary Iranian audience. I explore how Koohestani achieved this by shifting the dramatic focus from male to female characters and by internalizing the censor’s gaze in his work. André Lefevere’s concept of translation as refraction is used to show how literary texts function within the systems of cultural production that shape political and aesthetic consciousness. As a pre-revolutionary Russian play positioned between East and West, Chekhov’s Ivanov has striking relevance for an Iranian post-revolutionary audience. This case study of watching and performing Chekhov in Tehran illustrates how refracted texts acquire new lives in the process of their performance and translation into new cultural contexts.

DepositGeschichte vor dem Kataklysmos? Das Ende von “great game” und “Geopolitik” und das Ende der Veräppelung des Planeten!

Neuss: Bruno Buike 2020, 589/594 p. – E73 – This is rather more a REFLECTION, than a monography, where history may be headed to: To manmade Kataklysmos? Heavenly Apocalypse? Following a CONSTRUCTIVE pattern for “building civilizations” or rather more the contrary, which is DESTRUCTION BY DESIGN? Within that I deal with several attempts on the keyword “long range plans” in history – but BEYOND “conspiracy-theries”, freemasons, gnosticism, underground-NAZIS and a MANIPULATED Western Christiany by Vaticanum II., 1962.1965. For Germans perhaps essential: a NEWLY formed HYPOTHESIS on a “Reichswehr constant 1807-1956” with rather at first shocking felt details, that for instance World War II was PLANNED, NOT accidential, that German and Russian Commanders in 1941 PARTLY KNEW each other (because of German-Soviet military cooperation 1920-1930, in which was included a “training program for general-staff-officers” (sic!)). – Well, from SYSTEM-THEORY the argument would be, that EVERYTHING can be treated somehow. To which certain religions would object: NO, the COSMOS and CREATION should show decisive signs of TARGETS for development AS INTENDED BY ITS CREATOR – so to avoid “meaningless gaming” only! And insofar it may turn out, that “system-indifference” is a WRONG impression, with only PARTIAL validity – because of our HUMAN RESTICTIONS and DISABILITY of insight into the COSMOS, as the old Greek folks named it! So on the HUMAN level even this study did not get further, than that not eveything is “black or white”, but mainly nuances of GREY. Tell you what, there may be out there CERTAIN nuances of GREY, to become very upset with, that especially for VICTIMS never ever may become acceptable or agreeable!

DepositThe end of E=mc2 – with essay on: The Formulua of David Li- phantom science – German

Neuss: Bruno Buike 2017, 376 p. – E68 – full title: Das Ende von E = mc 2 – Mit Exkurs: Die Formel des David Li – With English Abstract – Pseudo-Mathematik / Pseudo-Logik – Phantom-Physik / Papperlapapp – x- Start easy! Do, what your teacher in physics insisted always: ADD THE MEASURE UNITS – and wonder, what happens! Do not accept “division by zero”, do NOT accept contradiction (fame to Christoph von Mettenheim). Get VERY sceptical, if forced to use a TAYLOR-function from about 1717! And so on: – What have Eisnteins formula and the David Li formula, which latter was behind the financial crash of 2007-2009, in common: Well, use of “mathematical glyphs” does not mean necessarely, that we deal with TRUE science! Really, really QUESTION the PARADIGMAS behind anything coming under scientific PRETEND! — I may add the warnings oif the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia telling recently, that we today experience the REVIVAL of an ANTIQUE PAGAN SCIENTIFIC SECT – contradicting nearly everything, which is stored in the history of Christianyty, Buddhism, Confuzianism and others in TRUE VALUES and GOOD!

DepositPsycholinguistic Analysis of Information Support of Ukrainian Crisis in German Mass Media

The current article is devoted to the linguistic analysis of the information materials of the popular German mass media covering the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. Special attention is paid to the formation of the Russian and Ukrainian images in the framework of the information-psychological confrontation through psycholinguistic processing of the text, usage of special approaches to information definition and representation. As a result of the analysis, the authors have come to conclusion that a lot of articles contain not only informational, but also propagandistic implied sense, main aim of which is to suggest readers such point of view, which corresponds to the current political line of the European Union (EU) and Germany in relation to the Ukrainian crisis and its main actors.

DepositCultural Experts and Communicative Capitalism: Transformation of Communicative Practices

This paper, attempted to answer, how, in the age of totalizing mediated communication, the role of a cultural expert (i.e. a person with knowledge and competence for interpreting the cultural phenomena encountered by a non-reflexive person in everyday life) is transformed. Terms ‘communicative capitalism’ and ‘digital labour’ were used in this study. Through analyzing the communicative behavior of three Russian cultural experts (specializing in fashion, cinematography, and music) on their Instagram and Facebook pages authors identified typical linguistic and extra-linguistic practices of attracting and enclosing of Internet audience attention, multiplying of their communicative capital and monetizing it