MemberNaywaz Sharif Shubha

…Researcher, R.I.E.D., Dhaka, Bangladesh…

Naywaz Sharif Shubha is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Dhaka in Linguistics. He is in the last year of his undergraduate program with excellent academic achievements and research enthusiasm. His immense research interest includes NLP, Corpus Research, Autism, Translation Studies, etc. Already, he has been a trainee in the 5th Social Science Research Training Program funded by the Ministry of Planning, Govt. of Bangladesh at ARI (Accident Research Institute), BUET. He is also holding a directive position at a novice research platform RIED, Bangladesh working with undergraduate and other early-level research enthusiasts. Additionally, as a novice thriving Linguist, he’s playing a role as a Linguist in one of the biggest youth platforms, Youth Opportunities, for Bangla Language Translations, Language Assistance, and Related Automation since October 2020. Currently, he’s engaged in different research activities, volunteering research, and attending research workshops, symposiums, conferences to get his research disseminated in academia.

MemberDr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Rahman has completed his MBA (2010) and BBA (2008) degrees from a reputed public university named Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. In 2019, he also completed his PhD degree from a research based public university named Universiti Putra Malaysia. Currently, he is working as an academician in department of business administration at Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The research interest areas of Rahman are management, Organisational Behaviour (OB), Human Resource Management (HRM), strategic management, Total Quality Management (TQM), higher education systems and Information technology. Rahman is usually more focusing in quantitative techniques using three main statistical software which are SPSS, CB-SEM and PLS-SEM.

MemberChristoph Lange

I studied from 2004–2011 Social Anthropology and Middle East Studies at the University of Leipzig. With my first travels to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, I set my research focus on the Levant region within the Arab Middle East. From 2008–2012 I worked for the German state-funded Collaborative Research Center CRC 586 „Difference and Integration“ at the universities of Leipzig and Halle/Lutherstadt Wittenberg where I conducted my first ethnographic research about Bedouin representations in Syrian television dramas and Arab media discourses about authenticity. Since 2014 I am working as a doctoral researcher at the Research Lab “Transformations of Life” at the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne. My actual PhD-research project is about the breeding, standardization and circulation of Arabian purebred horses with an ethnographic focus on Egypt and Arab actors within the global breeding industry.