MemberSusan Smith-Peter

…Imagining Russian Regions: Civil Society and Subnational Identity in Nineteenth-Century Russia. Leiden: Brill, 2018. 328 pp.

“Communism and Regionalism,” in Regionalism and Modern Europe: Identity Construction and Movements from 1890 to the Present Day, Xose M. Nunez Seixas and Eric Storm, eds. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019, 135-149.

“The Six Waves of Russian Regionalism in European Context,” in Russia’s Regional Ide…

Susan Smith-Peter works on Russian history beyond the two capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Beginning with a study of identity in the provinces of European (or central) Russia, she has branched out to investigate the regional identity of the Russian North and Siberia as well.  Her book, Imagining Russian Regions: Subnational Identity and Civil Society in Nineteenth-Century Russia, was published with Brill in 2018.

MemberJana Tigchelaar

…Refereed Journal Articles“The Neighborly Christmas: Gifts, Community, and Regionalism in the Christmas Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett and Mary Wilkins Freeman.” Legacy: A Journal of American Woman Writers 32.1 (December 2014): 236-57. “Empathy or Expectation of Return: Relationships, Gifts, and Economy in Edith Wharton’s Summer.” Edith Wharton Review 28.1 (Spring 2012): 13-20.Book Chapters“The Modernist Aesthetic and the Immi…

Assistant Professor of English at Marshall University, teaching early and nineteenth-century American literature, women writers, and regional literature.