MemberHeather Christie

I am a digital archaeologist specialising in two- and three-dimensional imaging of small, reflective and translucent or transparent objects, particularly glass. I am currently working with the Digital Creativity in Regional Museums project to create a toolkit that facilitates the development of affordable digital immersive experiences in smaller museums.

MemberNicole Elizabeth Cook

I am an art historian and my research focuses on early modern (ca. 1600-1800) European art, with an intersecting interest in the cultural history of night. I am committed to sharing the history of art with diverse audiences in both academic and museum settings. In my current position at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I support and foster productive connections between the museum and art history graduate programs in the region. My dissertation, completed in 2016, focused on late Dutch Golden Age artist Godefridus Schalcken and his specialization in evocative candlelit nocturnal paintings. I am currently revising my dissertation as a book manuscript that will explore the context of early modern nocturnal culture and artistic representations of night more broadly.

MemberKiersten F. Latham

  Kiersten F. Latham is the Director of Arts, Cultural Management and Museum Studies, as well as Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University. Prior to this, Dr. Latham spent 9 years at Kent State University where she developed and taught in the museum studies specialization within the Master’s in Library & Information Science and ran the experimental MuseLab. She has taught all aspects of museum studies, from administration to collections management to user experience. In addition to academic work, she has worked in, on, and about museums in various capacities for over 30 years, serving as a director, educator, researcher, collections manager, curator, volunteer, and consultant. Her research interests convene around the meaning of museum objects—especially with respect to emotion, perception, sensation, and spirituality—and the conceptual foundations of museums as document systems. She has done research on numinous experiences with museum objects, imaginative touch (of museum objects), user perceptions of ‘the real thing’ in museums, museums as ecological systems, contemplative practices in museums, positive museology, and conceptual ramifications of museum object as document.