MemberAnne Mitchell Whisnant

Anne Mitchell Whisnant is a professional historian whose teaching, research, speaking, consulting, and writing focus on public history, digital and geospatial history, and the history of the U.S. National Parks. She is a public historian in private practice, working with her husband David Whisnant as co-principal of the public history consulting firm Primary Source History Services, based in Chapel Hill, NC.

MemberMarko Demantowsky

Managing Director and Founder of Public History Weekly. The International BlogJornual
Co-Manager and Co-Founder of #GTS7000. Der Geschichtstalk
Co-Manager and Co-Founder of Index Didacticorum. Research Collaborative Bibliography of History Education
Co-Manager and Co-Founder of Diessener Klausur MENSCH|MASCHINE|ZUKUNFT
Co-Manager of Projekt ODRA. Porządkowanie, Interpretacja, Korekta, Przybliżanie

Marko Demantowsky, PhD (*1970), is full professor for modern history and history education at at the School of Education FHNW (Departement for Social Sciences Education) and a member of the Institute for Educational Sciences at the University of Basel. Previously assistant professor for history education at the University of Bochum (07-12) and interim professor at Jena University (07-08) and Siegen University (06/07). Research assistant at the universities of Leipzig, Dortmund, Münster 1998-2007. In July 2020 appointment to a chair for Public History at the University of Vienna, accepted in May 2021. His main research interests focus on the digital transformation particularly in Public History, the (digital) cultural anthropology of public history, and the theory and history of historical education. He has created and developed, and now co-manages some multilingual infrastructures in the field of digital history. Selected List of Publications and Presentations

MemberLauren Curilla

…Lauren M. Churilla holds an M.A. in Public History: Archival, Museum, and Edition Studies and a certificate in Women and Gender Studies from Duquense University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (2010) and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in American Women’s History at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Ms. Churilla studies under Lisa Tetrault, Associate Professor of History at Carnegie Mellon University….

Lauren M. Churilla practices public history at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania as Curator/Director of the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery, a position she has held since 2010. She teaches several courses in Public History and has lectured within the College’s Department of History since 2013. Her research interests focus on American women’s history, the Progressive Era,  and gender and sexuality. Ms. Churilla’s publications focus on issues of social movements, women in politics, local history, and material culture. Her current research explores street harassment  and self defense in Progressive Era Pittsburgh.

MemberStephen Gapps

  I have a long-standing interest in public history and the history of early colonial Sydney. My PhD thesis was a history of historical reenactments and public commemorations of the past. I taught Public History at the University of Technology, Sydney, and worked extensively as consultant historian.   In 2011 I won the NSW Premiers History Prize for Regional and Community history with my book Cabrogal to Fairfield – A history of a multicultural community.   Since then I have held a position as a curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum. In 2014 I developed the exhibition War at Sea – The Navy in WWI and in 2015 curated the highly successful Black Armada – Australian support for Indonesian independence 1945-1949. In 2018 I am working on concept development of the new permanent displays at the museum that explore deep time and Australian maritime history.   In 2017 I was awarded the NSW State Library Merewether Fellowship. I have been working on a project on Australian resistance warfare for publication in May 2018 called The Sydney Wars – Conflict in the early colony 1788-1817.    

MemberChelsea Miller

…Association of American University Presses, National Council on Public History…
…I recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with a Master of Arts in History and a Graduate Certificate in Public History. My fields of study included museum studies, digital humanities, United States history, and global history. I completed my undergraduate study at Mount Holyoke College in 2013, with majors in history and environmental studies….

I currently work in the Acquisitions department at the State University of New York Press as an Editorial Assistant, where I work with authors and editors to publish scholarship in the fields of history, politics, religion, and more.I have experience in writing, editing, curatorial practice, teaching, web development, and event management. I am interested in the intellectual and physical spaces in which the past and present collide. In my personal work, I focus especially on writing history for digital and print media and examining the role of the activist-scholar through public history and public memory projects.

MemberCora Walby

I’m a part-time MA student in the History Department majoring in U.S. Cultural Studies and Public History, and plan to earn the Digital Humanities certificate with the goal of working in museums. I’m also a full-time staff member at MSU–administrative assistant in the College of Engineering’s IT department.

MemberAndrew Marzoni

20th & 21st century American literature, film studies, critical theory, writing pedagogy.French cinema, structuralism, Gilles Deleuze, rock and roll, media theory, Surrealism & Dada.New York School Poets, New American Cinema, deconstruction, the Beats, phenomenology & existentialism, publication history, postmodernism, American studies, and New Journalism.

MemberStefanie Samida

…s zum Erlebnis: Reenactment und Schlachtfeldtourismus. In: A. Drecoll, T. Schaarschmidt & I. Zündorf (Hrsg.), Authentizität als Kapital historischer Orte? Gedenkstätten, Dokumentationszentren und die Sehnsucht nach dem unmittelbaren Erleben (Göttingen 2019) 123–139.

Public History und Kulturelles Erbe. In: K. Minner (Hrsg.), Public History und (westfälische) Landesgeschichte (= Westfälische Forschungen 69) (Münster 2019) 29–51, together with Cord Arendes.

Theorie? Ein Dialog. Ethnographisch-Archäologische Zeitschrift 56/1&2, 201…

Since 2017 I am associate professor of popular cultures at Zurich University and currently research associate at Heidelberg University. Before: different positions at German universities, e.g. one of three principal investigators in the research project „Living history: reenacted prehistory between research and popular performance“ at the Leibniz Centre of Contemporary History Potsdam, junior research group leader at the Heidelberg School of Education and research fellow at the International Research Center for Cultural Studies (IFK) in Vienna. My research interests include heritage studies, material culture studies, public history, popular cultures and history of media and science.